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no one cares

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Q: What is michigans record vs Wisconsin in football the last ten years?
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Best record in college football the last 5 years?

Best College football record over the last 5 years

What is Michigans record against MSU over the last ten years in football?

From 1999-2008, Michigan won 7 times (2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007) and Michigan State won 3 times (1999, 2001, 2008).

Under age drinking ticket stay on record Wisconsin?

5 years

How long does a speeding ticket stay on your record in Wi?

In the state of Wisconsin, a conviction for a speeding ticket is eligible to be removed from a person's driving record five years after the date of the conviction. Certain alcohol related convictions remain on a person's record for 55 years in Wisconsin.

What is the all time record Michigan vs Wisconsin football for the last 10 years?

Between 2001-2010, both teams won 4 games. Michigan won in 2001, 2002, 2006, and 2008 and Wisconsin won in 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2010.

Who has a better football record over the past thirty years Ohio state or Michigan?

michigan has the better record

Who has the Best record in college football last 5 years?

Ohio state

What is Boise State's football record the last 3 years?


How long do driving tickets stay on record for cdl in Wisconsin?

Insurance companies look back three years. As for your MVR, it remains on your record either seven or ten years, dependent on your state.

What is Ohio state college football record for the last 5 years?

Ohio State's football record is 825-308-53 (.718) over their 118 year history

Who has the best overall record in the last 10 years for NCAA football?

Boise state

Who has the best college football home record last ten years?

Boise State

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