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Babe Ruth was born in February 6, 1895.

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Q: What is Babe Ruth's actual date of birth?
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What is Babe Ruth's birth date?

February 6, 1895.

What is Giovanni Da Verrazano birth date?

His birth date is on 1485. His actual date is not specified

What is cooper manning's birth date?

Cooper Manning has never officially disclosed his actual birth date. He was born in 1974. The actual month he was born was in October. But he never tells the actual day.

What was the real birth of Jesus?

Jesus' actual date of birth is not known.

What was Saint Peter's date of birth?

We do not know the actual date but it was probably about the year 1 AD.

What was William shakespease birthday?

His actual date of birth is unknown - but he was baptised on 26th April 1564. Birth records at the time he was born were always 'sketchy' so there's no real way of confirming his actual date of birth.

Was Jesus born on chrฤฑstmas?

No. His actual date of birth is unknown.

When was Saint Jude's actual birth date?

The date is not known but it was probably about the year 1 AD.

Saint Peter's date of birth?

We do not know the actual date but it was probably about the year 1 AD.

What is Dirk Hartog's date of birth?

I can give you the year 1580, his actual date of birth is not known. It is known, however, that he was baptised on the 30th October 1580.

What is the birth date and birth place of Jesus Christ?

The actual date is not known , but the early christians put December 25th as, the pagans celebrated it as Saturns birthday.

What month of the year did Mary the Mother of Jesus get pregnant?

The actual date, as with the actual date of Christ's birth, is not known. However, it is celebrated on the Feast of the Anunication on March 25.

How do you change your date of birth on your birth certificate?

To change the date of birth on your birth certificate you will have a long discussion to the court why do you want to change your birth date. There are some serious questions that you need to answer before they grant your request, because that certificate is supposed to show the actual date, not just any date you would like. Source: see related link.

What is Santa's birthday?

Well know one thing Santa's birth day is NOT Christmas OR Easter those are Jesus's birth date and death date. No one knows for sure when Santa's actual birth day is.

What time was Christopher Columbus born?

As Historians are uncertain to the actual date of the birth of Columbus (somewhere between the 22nd August and the 31st October 1451). You can be certain that they do not know the actual time of his birth.

What date was Hernan Cortes born?

All we can tell you is that he was born in 1485. The records of his actual date of birth have long been lost.

What is the actual date of Pocahontas's birth?

some believe that Pocahontas was born April 17th 1894

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Since we do not know the actual date of Jesus' birth, we can not know his star sign.

If a guy lies about his actual birth date to you can that be a red flag that calls for a break up?


Christopher Columbus date of birth?

He was born in 1451, the actual date is not known but it's believed to be between 25th August and 31st October.

When was the first Christmas?

I believe it was the day Jesus Christ was born some 2000 plus years ago. We celebrate His birth on December 25th but no one knows the actual date of his birth. CHRISTmas! Christmas ws not the real date of birth

What year was Christopher Columbus Born?

Christopher Columbus was born sometime between August 25 and October 31, 1451. The actual date of his birth is uncertain, although some websites will give you an actual date. Historians are still arguing over this, and will do for years to come, unless someone finds a document that does give us his birth date.

What is the value of a Babe Ruth vintage bronze pendant with his face date of birth and date of death The back says you too are a true champion?

may 3, 2013 danville, massachusetts

Why is Saint Patrick's Day on St. Patrick's death not his birth?

We do not know the birth date nor the date of death of St. Patrick. He was just given the date of March 17th for lack of precise information on the actual date. The death date is usually the feast day of a saint because that would be the date they were reborn in heaven.

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