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Australia's most loved sport is AFL 43:::::::::::::::::::: % and Matt lucas is second with 21% Matt lucas is the best in he

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Q: What is Australia's most loved sport?
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Which is Australias famous sports?

The rugby Union is Australia's most famous sport.

What is the most loved Olympic sports?

the most loved sport is football

Most watched sport cricket?

cricket is not the most watched sport football is but cricket surtently is the most loved sport

When was Australia's most Successful Olympics?

What was australias most famous Olympics What was australias most famous Olympics

What is the national sport of Slovenia?

the most loved sport in Slovenia is:football

What sport is loved most in the world?

Soccer (football in other nations) is the most popular sport in the world.

What is Argentina most loved sport?


What actors and actresses appeared in Australias Most Wanted - 1999?

The cast of Australias Most Wanted - 1999 includes: Robert Rabiah as Suspect

What is australias main sport?

mainly NRL (rugby League) and AFL (australian football league)

Why did gretzky join hockey?

Because he loved the sport. Because he was really good. Becaused he loved the sport. HE LOVED IT.

National game of Canada?

Officially lacrosse is Canada's national sport although hockey is the nations most popular and loved sport and most Canadians consider hockey Canada's national sport.

What is Australias most popular place?


What is Australias most valuable coin?

As far as collector value on general circulation coins is concerned, the 1930 Penny would easily be Australias most valuable collectible coin.

Where do most of Australias migrants come from?

Where do most of Australia's migrants come from

What is one of England favourite sports?

Football (Soccer) is by far the most loved sport

What is the most popular sport among adults?

GOLF, when together whith their loved ones ;DD

What outdoor sport did the nobels enjoy the most?

The Nobel's loved to be out side and the main sport of course was war. ever in peace time they enjoyed the game war.

What is the most loved sport in the US?

Football by far look at the number of people that watch the Super Bowl

What are some of Australias most famous inventions?

|Boomerangs,kangroos and double -engine aeroplanes...

What is australias most popular food?

Vegemite is probably the most well known Aussie food.

Use despised in a sentence?

A sport which is at once the best-loved and most widely despised will be seen in its brightest colors.

Why does soccer make lives easier?

it entertains a lot of people and is considered the most loved and watched sport in the world

What was Mozarts favorite sport?

Mozart considered chess a sport and loved it.

What is Katniss favorite sport?

She loved archery.

Do more people watch basketball or soccer?

It is likely not even close. Soccer is the most played and loved sport on the planet.