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Andy Pettitte ended his career with a 3.88 ERA.

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Q: What is Andy Pettitte's career ERA?
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Who has the MLB record for the least ERA in a career?

The lowest career ERA was by Ed Walsh with in ERA of 1.82.

What is Nolan Ryan's career ERA?

Nolan Ryan had a career ERA of 3.19

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How many pickoffs does Andy Pettitte have in his career?

99 in his whole career

What is Mariano Rivera's career ERA?

Through the 2011 season, Mariano Rivera has a career ERA of 2.21. He also has a career postseason ERA of 0.70.

How many wins did Andy Pettitte have in his career?

Andy Pettite had 256 regular season career wins. He has also won 19 playoff games.

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What is nolan Ryans carrer era?

Nolan Ryan has a career ERA of 3.19

What is Andy Petite's postseason record?

Andy Pettitte has a record of 18 wins, 9 losses and an ERA of 3.90

What pitcher has the most career pick-offs?

Andy Pettite

What about mariano rivera's 2.31 era?

As of 2009 Mariano Rivera has a 2.25 career ERA.

What was Cy Young's career era?


What was Doyle Alexander's career era?

Doyle Alexander's career ERA was 3.76. He gave up 1406 earned runs in 3367 2/3 innings.

What is the ERA of Greg Maddux?

Through the 2008 season, Greg Maddux has a career ERA of 3.16.

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