What is Alexander Ovechkin's dad's name?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Alexander Ovechkin's dad is named Mikhail.

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Q: What is Alexander Ovechkin's dad's name?
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How can you can Alexander Ovechkins autograph?

Be a dumbbut

How was Alexander Ovechkins childhood?

It was a normal childhood

Who is Alexander ovechkins best friend?

alex semin

What is Alex Ovechkins brother's name?

Alexander has two brothers, Sergei (oldest), and then Mikhail (second oldest), then Alex.

What is ovechkins middle name?


What is Alexander ovechkins annual income?

Right now it is around 9 Million a year.

What is the name of ovechkins mom?

Tatiana Ovechkina.

Does Alex Ovechkins brother live in Ovechkins house?

Well as they say in 24/7 Penguins Capitals, Alexander Ovechkin lives in his parents house in D.C. I don't know about his brother but yeah

What is the name of Alxander Ovechkins girlfriend?

Valeria Sokolova

What is Alexander ovechkins favorie color?

Alexander Ovechkin's favorite color is red because it repersents his team, the Washington Capitals. Best players in history!!! LAURA+CASSIDY

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