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An incomplete pass

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Q: What is A pass that is not caught in football?
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If a football is thrown and not caught?

It's an incomplete pass.

A pass that is legally caught in football?

a reception, not an interception

Who caught Kurt warners last touchdown pass in afl football?

Dontrell Ducker

What do you call a football pass thrown beyond the line of scrimmage?

A pass--if caught then it's a completion and if it's dropped then an incompletion.

What is a pass completion in football?

The term "completion" normally refers to when the quarterback throws the football down the field, and his intended receiver catches it. You may sometimes hear the announcers refer to this as a "completed pass." If the intended receiver drops it, it's referred to as "incomplete."

What is a incomplete pass in football?

When a ball is thrown forward but not caught in bounds or dropped and it hits the ground

What is an incompletion?

An incompletion is a pass that is not caught by the offense or defense. A pass that is caught by the defense is called an interception. A pass that is caught by the offense is called a reception.

Out of bounds pass in football?

In American Football, if a player has one foot out of bounds when he catches the football, he is out of bounds. If he has is in bounds when he catches the football then he caught it and it is a completed catch. If the player goes out of bounds and comes back in bounds and catches the football it is still an incomplete pass. However, if he was knocked out of bounds or if the ball was tipped, it may be a completed pass. The rules keep changing at all levels of the game.

Where should the first pass be caught in netball?

The first pass should be caught in the centre third.

If a football is thrown beyond the line of scrimmage what is i t?

...still a football. If it's not caught, its an incomplete pass. If its thrown and hits the ground behind the line of scrimmage, its a grounded ball, which is a penalty.

Using nfhs football rules is an offensive lineman illegally downfield during a screen pass?

I cannot speak to those specific rules of football, but in general, lineman are allowed to be downfield on any pass where the ball is caught BEHIND the line of scrimmage.

Where must the center pass be caught in netball?

The ball should be caught in the centre third on a centre pass.

Who caught Brett farves 421 td pass?

who caught brett farves 421 td pass

If netball center pass is not caught in center third is the free pass taken from where it was wrongly caught or from a point in center third?

if the centre pass is not received in the centre pass then opposition get to take a free pass from where the attaking players wrongly caught the ball

In Baltimore's 2004 Monday Night Football loss to Kansas City which Raven caught a 57 yard touchdown pass?

Randy Hymes caught a 57 yard TD pass from Kyle Boller in the 2nd quarter of the Ravens' 27-24 loss to the Chiefs.

What is an incomplete in football?

In American and Canadian Football, a ball can be passed forward from behind the line of scrimmage. If the ball falls on the ground it is called an incomplete pass. That means no one caught it. It can also be called an incomplete. That is a short way of saying "It is an incomplete forward pass."

Who caught the final pass thrown by Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys in his last pro football game?

Herb Scott === I'm sure that's the answer to the trivia question that is being asked. But technically, that pass didn't count, because throwing a pass to an offensive lineman is a penalty, so the play was wiped out. I wish I knew who caught Roger's last LEGAL pass.

What is longest pass in football?

The longest football pass ever recorded was about 103 yards.

In college football is the play dead if a lateral touches the ground?

Any backward pass (which is what a lateral would be) that is not caught is a fumble in both the NCAA and the NFL.

What is an interferance in football?

There are two types of interference in football. Defensive pass interference is when a defender covering a receiver touches and prevents a receiver from catching a ball which he could have caught. Offensive pass interference is when an offensive player prevents a defensive player from intercepting the ball by touching or pushing him in any type of way to get him away from the football.

Who caught tom brady's first pass in super bowl 36?

Troy Brown caught his first pass for 21 yards

What is a reception in American football?

When the ball is caught

Who caught the longest touchdown pass in college football history?

Derrick Gaffney of Florida caught a 99 yard TD pass from Cris Collinsworth against Rice in 1977. Troy Perkins of South Carolina caught a 99 yard TD pass from Dondrial Perkins against Virginia in 2003. North Texas wide receiver Casey Fitzgerald caught a 99 yard TD pass from Giovanni Vizza against the University of Louisiana Monroe in 2007. Click on the '99 Yard TD Pass' link below to see a clip of the North Texas 99 yarder.

On a forward pass can the football hit the ground and still be complete in Canadian football?

No, it is ruled an incomplete pass

What pass is the most accurate pass in football?

The spiral pass is the most accurate.