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Q: What instrument is used to cheer soccer players in Africa?
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Do some cheer squads make their players cheer with vibrators in?

No, a cheer squad would not make their cheer players cheer with anything inside them. Rumors like this are started by younger children.

What is professional cheer?

they cheer for pro football players

Is soccer more expensive than cheer leading?


Which do you get stronger in cheer or soccer?

Soccer. Continuously exercising every muscle in your body (soccer) is a more effective way of building muscle mass than sporadically exercising a few muscles in shorter intense bursts (cheer).

Is cheer leading better than soccer?

to watch yes

What Soccer team do people from tijuana cheer for?

Xolos! (Short for Xoloitzcuintles)

People who watch and cheer players on during a game?


What soccer team do people from guanajuato cheer for?

i would assume club leon

What is a good sport for a twelve year old?

* Basketball * Soccer * Dance * Tumbling/Cheer

Why do people buy vuvuzelas?

To cheer on their football (soccer) team in the 2010 World Cup!

Why is soccer interesting?

Soccer is a simple, yet exciting game. it is very fast, without a lot of stopping. you can meet new ppl through soccer, and it always can cheer you up

What is mileys favourite sports?

football , tennis , soccer and cheer leading which is now officially a sport