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== == You might get a SLIGHT wrist pain, from not using the muscles in your arm and wrist properly when you shoot, but you certainly won't break any bones doing it. A wrist shot is NOT a full wind up slap shot, with a big back swing. A wrist shot SHOULD be a shot that has NO back swing, and is a quick release shot, from a relaxed posture. A good wrist shot is MORE effective than a big over blown slapper. The wrist shot should be controlled and with practice, a good player can hit a two inch target from 30 feet time after time. Practice is key to any skill, and the wrist shot is no different. Th skill is in NOT looking at the stick or the puck while shooting. A player has to learn to "Feel" the puck on the stick and get the shot away fast, and accurately, too. The puck should come off the blade tip spinning hard and fast. The top hand on the stick is the controlling hand the bottom hand is the power hand in a wrist shot.. The entire upper body is used to get the power into the puck as it is released, with a SNAP and a whipping motion of the blade towards the target. To many players shoot AT thegoalie, instead of at the OPENINGS on either side of the goalie. Remember that when he moves his legs he opens up a hole, either between his legs or on either side of his body. With a practice net in front of you, put up small targets in each corner of the net, and shoot at them to sharpen your skills. Don't all ways stand in the same place to shoot either. Practice shooting from the side of the net too.

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Q: What injuries can come from incorrect wrist shots?
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