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a hockey stick

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Q: What information needs to be kept for a field hockey league table?
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What sport needs 8 players?


In field hockey what position needs strong stick skills?

I think every player needs stick skills. Usually the left side field players need strong stick skills because they use reverse stick more. *This is not fact! But in my six years playing, this is my opinion*

Why do business needs information?

Business needs information for many things. It helps with all aspects of the business, from management to sales leads. It is important that your business have all the information needed so that it can become a leader in its field. Without solid information a business cannot flourish.

What are the fitness components of a rugby league player?

Depends, Where you play on the field. Forwards generally needs strength and fitness isn't his number 1 aim. Wingers and backs needs fitness, necause they generally tackle the most, five-eight needs the most fitness, because his doing everything on the field.

What sport needs lots of equipment?

hockey because it has a puck

What verbs describe what a hockey player needs to achieve to be great in hockey?

toughness, grit, power, smarts, and speed

Water on hockey field?

Hockey turfs are wet due to their carpet-like surface. By wetting the fields there is less chance of carpet burns or nasty scrapes occurring when skin scrapes the surface (such as when a player falls or scrapes knuckles). If there is too much water on a hockey field the ball will be slowed down. Therefore there needs to be enough water to reduce injury and not so much water that there are puddles and game play is affected.

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How do you identify the customer's needs for information and advice?

how can you identify the customer's needs for information and advice?

What does center do in field hockey?

A center *mid* plays defense and offense. He/She can score and defend but his/her main job is to keep the ball form reaching the circle. He/She also needs to get the ball to the forwards/strikers/wings/offense.

How thick is the ice on the arena floor for hockey?

According to the International Ice Hockey Federation, the thickness needs to be about 3cm - see the link for further technical guidelines.

Why is it important to have information literate people in a country?

for a country to be recognised as an information and knowledge society it needs to have people who are information literate, which means they will be able to identify their information needs and at the same time be able to satisfy those information needs, throgh the use of information technologies and other information sources.

How long are major league soccer practices?

As long as it needs to befor ethe big league.

What net framework needs League of Legends?

League of Legends requires .Net framework 3.5

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need of information is where using it for special purpose

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An obstetrician needs to have a good foundation in math to learn the basic and advanced science covered in the problem. She needs to understand statistics in order to evaluate both new studies in her field and information gathered from testing on her patients.

Who needs accounting information?


How was ice hockey invented or developed?

Believe it or not, hockey was first thought or in Nova Scotia, CANADA. A few British soldiers decided to play a form of field hockey on the icy ground because they were bored and cold. They used a rubber ball at first and some basic simple rules adopted from field hockey. The above answer is in its simplest form although there is more detail that could be added to it, it might be too long winded.

How does hockey have the longest season?

Hockey is played indoors. Therefor temperature doesn't have an effect on the game. Were sports such as baseball and soccer are played outdoors and are shortened because of weather. Hockey also needs a long season because of it's toughness.

Level of people their Information Needs?

Explain the level of people and the informaion needs?

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A molecule that contains all the information a cell needs to make proteins.

What are the information needs of decision makers?

all of it

Where are Ame...?

This question needs more information.

What sports are played with a ball and feet?

Every sport except Hockey because Hockey doesn't have a ball and every sport needs your feet because you need your feet to stand up.