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if a batsman is out without scoring, then it is called a DUCK.... and if he is out on the 1st ball that he faced then it is called as a GOLDEN DUCK..

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He may be run out !

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Q: What in a cricket means a batsman is out without scoring?
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What does plum means in cricket?

If a batsman is clearly LBW and there is no doubt regarding the decision, then it is said that the batsman is 'plumb' leg before

What is the meaning of balle baaz in cricket?

Ballebaaz means Batsman in Hindi. Ballebaazi means batting.

What is hawzat in cricket?

ppl cry hawzat " HOW IS THAT" in cricket this means they r appealing to the umpire ( official ) whether or not that the batsman i out

What is the phrase a hundred runs scored in cricket?

The phrase means a batsman have scored century

What is the LBW term in cricket?

If the ball hits the batsman's pad (on his leg) and is "hitting" the stumps (so if the batsman wasn't there, it would hit the stumps) then it is out.

What do the initials rhb mean behind someones name?

In cricket, it means "right handed batsman."

What is a maiden century in cricket?

1st 100 runs of a player

What is mean by spectacles in cricket?

"SPECTACLES" means when a batsman gets out on 'duck' (i.e. gets out without scoring a single run in both innings of a Test match) he is said to have scored a PAIR or in other words that batsman is said to be wearing SPECTACLES (cos the 2 round lens resemble a pair of spectacles). When batsman is out for zero in 1st innings and when he comes into bat for 2nd innings...commentator would say "And XYZ .. He is ON A PAIR" (that means he is facing the probability of making a pair) and if he indeed gets out 2nd time also... he would have actually SCORED a PAIR.

What does rubber in cricket mean?

Rubber casings are used on the handle of the bat; so 'rubber in cricket' means how the bowler holds the ball and how the batsman holds the bat.