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It depends on how hard you hit them with it.

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Q: What impact does basketball have on people?
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What impact did basketball make for the English people?

Basketball is played in English schools, but it is still a small sport compared to Soccer. Not that many English people watch Basketball.

What impact did James naismith have on other people?

He was a canadian p.e teacher who invented basketball in 1869.

What impact did basketball make in the world?

it provided people a new hobby to enjoy and it made a big impact that was strong and it basically brought the world together.

If you throw a basketball 100 MPH at a wall will it come back 100 MPH?

No. Assuming the basketball can with stand the impact, the basketball will lose kinetic energy to the air around it and to the wall on impact.

What was the game basketball impact?

The game of basketball has become a very professional sport

What is the economic impact of basketball?

the economic impact of basketball is very huge. basketball provides for ratings in sport channels, ticket sales at stadiums, building stadiums, and many more. the NBA itself emplyees many people. the commercials ad products made are perhaps the biggest income for basketball. it is also safe to say that basketball is a plus for traveling companies because they need to get their players around as well as the fans.

What is the environmental impact of a basketball?

there isn't one

Does other cultures impact basketball?


Where in the world did Kobe Bryant make an impact?


How does basketball impact society?

it brings race togethr

Why was a basketball made?

Basketball was made to entertain people and to exercise.

Where do basketball people play?

basketball courts

Is Basketball Popular?

the only people that play basketball, are people like arebu...

Does Mexico people play basketball?

Yes, people in Mexico play basketball.

Is basketball more phyisical than football?

No. Football is more physical than basketball. The average force of impact of tackles in football is much stronger than than contact in basketball.

What is the place where people shoot a basketball?

a Basketball Court.

How many people play basketball in Canada in a year?

How many people play basketball

Did Michael Jordan impact basketball history?

Quite yes, because he was the only person who played basketball and was colored and didn't die from sunburn.

How did basketball impact the world?

Basketball has brought the world together, similar to what many other sports have done. Anyone can get together, regardless of race, religion, and ethnicity, and play a simple game of basketball.

How many people play basketball worldwide?

About 30 million people play basketball worldwide

What is Social impact of floods in Australia?

the impact of flooding can impact a lot of people in impact the whole of the economy and a lot of people can loose there lives

How many people play basketball in the Philippines?

Surprisingly only 11% of people play basketball in the Philippines.

How many people play basketball in Australia?

1200036987 people play NBL basketball is this answer even right???

Many tall people play basketball well?

Yes, tall people can play basketball well.

What did magic jhonson do to impact Americans?

He announced that he had H.I.V. But he took part in the basketball in the olympics.

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