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Q: What if your football pants have no pocket for the knee do you wear them?
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How do you put on football hip pads?

Football pants usually have pockets for knee and thigh pads. Under the football pants, you wear a girdle that has additional pockets to place your hip and tail bone pads. The shape of the pocket will tell you which pad goes where.

How do you put on knee pads for football?

Football pants have the knee pads already built inside of them.

What are the equiptment in football?

You wear a helmet, shoulder pads, a girdle, thigh pads, knee pads, cleats, a jersey, and pants.

How did football pants evolve?

They started out knee-length and fairly tight, then gradually became shorter until by the late seventies players were wearing a sort of hot pants. Then gradually they started to become longer and looser again to today's knee-length, wide fit.

What gear does a football player wear?

Shoulder pads, padded pants that come below the knee, jerseys, helmets,cleats, and socks

Do you cut down the knee pads in football pants?

You can if you want to i dont but i know a lot of people that have. Usually if you do you want to cut the top of the knee pads off in an arch so the cut looks professional and the size of the knee pads is reduced.

What gear do you need to play American football?

to play American football you need a helmet shoulder pads jock strap football pants with knee pads thigh pads hip pads and a tail pad

What do football players wear when they play football?

Cleats, hopefully socks, football pants(Which hold knee pads), A girdle( Another protective piece, it holds pads in various spots.), Pads,Helmet, A jersey, and sometimes gloves.

Why do American football players wear pants cut above the knee?

More flexibility and comfortable, dependent on position. You won't see anyone on defense besides the line that will wear knee pads anymore, so why have the knee slotted for a pad. So they have them hemmed above the knee! Speed means everything in the NFL

How do EMT pants differ from slacks?

EMT pants have a lot of pockets but it depends on the brand. One brand has pockets in the front which have an area for coins and the back pockets have wallet pockets. Since they're EMT specific, they have a scissor pocket. These pants are also doubled in the seat and knee to prevent wear in those areas.

What equipment do football players use?

Football players wear cleats, short padded pants that go to just above the knee a jockstrap, (optional) Shoulder pads, Helmet, a mouthpiece and various other accessories.

How to putting on knee and thigh pads?

you can slide the knee pads into the lower slots in the pants, bending them if you have to. the thigh pads go in the slot in the pants that would cover your thigh if you put the pants on. there is no need to bend them as the slot is big enough.

Something you where beginning with K?

* kilt * knee socks * khaki pants * knee pads * kerchief

What word begins with k and you wear?

Things you wear starting with K: * khaki pants * kilt * knit pants * kimono * kerchief * knickers * knee pads * knee socks

What muscles contract when you kick a football?

the quadriceps will contract and the hamstring will relax .the quariceps straightens the knee and the hamstring extends the hip and bends the knee to kcik the football the quadriceps will contract and the hamstring will relax .the quariceps straightens the knee and the hamstring extends the hip and bends the knee to kcik the football the quadriceps will contract and the hamstring will relax .the quariceps straightens the knee and the hamstring extends the hip and bends the knee to kcik the football

Things you wear that starts with a K?

* Knapsack * Knit hat * Knee Socks * Kilt * Khaki Pants * kimono * Knit sweater

Why Knee pop?

You're knee pops when there is a little air pocket in the tissue that is in between the joints on you're body.

What were the fashion trends in 1979?

Tube Socks, Knee boots, wide leg pants, plaid and stripped pants

What are other names for knee length pants?

Bermuda shorts.

What is the difference between palazzo pants and gaucho pants?

Palazzo pants go all the way to the ankle while gauchos stop around the knee or calf.

What is the best football girdle on the market?

a lot of colleges use the Mcdavid padded girdle. These girdle's replace the hip and butt pads, so a player only needs to wear the knee and thigh pads in their pants.

What kinds of protective gear and clothing does a football players need to wear?

Helmets, face-masks and pads that cover the hips, shoulders, knees and forearms, flak jackets, tight pants that end right before the knee. and cleats.

Can you wear white knee high pants at night for a party?


Is it ok for women to wear knee length pinstriped pants-shorts to a reception labeled as cocktail attire?

Also, the pants are black.

Did president James Madison wear pants?

He was the first president to wear pants instead of those knee knocker bloomer things.