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you lose

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Q: What if you miss the 8 ball while playing 8 ball?
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Can you chat while playing 8 ball pool on miniclip?

yes. we can chat with each others.

Do you lose in pool if you are aiming for the 8 ball and miss?


What happens if you sink the 8 ball while playing pool?

This depends upon the game being played and the object ball in play. If the 8 ball is the object ball and the game is 8 ball, it will mean the game is over and you have won. If the 8 ball is not the object ball in 8 Ball and it goes in, under nearly all rules, you lose. For any other common game of pool, the 8 ball is simply a numbered ball.

Do you have to name your pocket in a 15 ball game of pool?

Yes, if you are playing BCA 8 Ball rules. No, if you are playing APA 8 Ball rules, except the 8 Ball which must be called. Yes. If you are playing Straight Pool. Maybe. If your are playing in a bar, they usually have House Rules which usually only require calling the 8 ball in the US.

Do you lose the game if while shooting at the 8 ball you put oponents ball in the pocket before the 8 ball?


What anime soundtrack is good while playing miniclip 8 ball pool?

L's theme from Death note works well.

When playing billards when sinking the 8 ball and the cue ball is this a win or loss?

A loss

Do you lose the game if you miss the 8 ball?

In the game of 8 ball, most rules result in a foul if you fail to hit your object ball - including the 8 ball. It is not typically loss of game, but some House Rules do state that this is loss of game.

What game are you playing if you're behind the 8 ball?


When playing 9 ball and a player sinks the 9 ball and scratches at the same time is it a loss?

no not if its the 9 ball but they do if it is the 8 ball

How many balls are used when playing pool?

15 for 8 ball and 9 for 9 ball.

How many balls are used when playing pool not including the cue ball?

In 9 ball - 9 In 8 ball - 15

If you miss the 8 ball when it is your last ball is that a loss?

If you fail to make a proper shot on the 8 ball under most rules, it is a foul, but not a loss of game. Under many house rules in the US, missing hte 8 when it is your object ball is loss of game.

Is the 8 ball neutral in pool?

Not exactly. In 8-ball, anyone can hit the 8-ball into a pocket AFTER all of their balls are off of the table. For example, if you are stripes you cannot hit the 8-ball into a pocket while there are striped balls on the table. If you do, you lose. Some people play the game of 8-ball with the 8-ball being neutral, meaning you can hit the 8-ball first when making combination shots.

Can you hit the 8 ball in when you are playing 9 ball without losing?

Yes. When playing 9 ball, no numbered ball has any significance except the 9 ball. Although the 9 ball is often pocketed by means of a combination shot, sinking all numbered balls in order is not uncommon. This requres that the 8 ball be struck and even pocketed if it is the lowest numbered ball on the table.

If you miss the eight ball when its your last ball is that a lloss?

Yes, if you scratch in any way on the eight ball, you lose. (That includes sinking the eight ball in a pocket you didn't call) * Added - Missing the 8 ball under most rules is a foul, not a loss of game. Many House Rules will call the miss loss of game.

When playing standard 8 ball if you hit the 8 ball in for the win but also accidentally hit your opponent's ball in do you still win?

No. It is a foul; a foul on a pocketed black means that you actually lose the game.

In what game could you find a ball with the number eight written on it?

The 8-ball is the most well-known playing piece from the game of billiards (also called 'pool'). A famous variation of the game revolves around attempting to score with every ball except the 8-ball, until the 8-ball is the only ball left.

How many times can you Scratch when going for the 8 ball?

The Answer is zero , if you scratch or miss the eight ball completely the opponent automatically wins no matter how many balls he / she has left on the table

What if you don't touch the 8 ball while trying to win in 8 ball?

It is a foul. Under BCA and APA rules, if your object ball is the 8 ball and you fail to contact it first on your shot, it is a foul and the opponent gets ball in hand. Under some house rules in the US, it can mean loss of game.

Odds in sinking 8 ball in pool?

depends on if you're planning on playing the whole game out or not.

What is the song playing in the club in 2 Fast 2 Furious?

8 Ball - Hands in the air

Do you lose the game while shooting the 8 ball you put oponents ball in before the 8 ball?

If you struck the 8 ball first as a legal shot, and the cue ball or eight ball pockets the opponents ball, this is not loss of game under league play and typical local rules, regardless of whether the 8 ball goes in or not. However, under some local rules, if you failed to call this as a part of your shot, it is may not be allowed, resulting in either spotting the 8 ball or loss of game.

What is it called when you don' t hit any balls in billiards?

If you're playing 9 ball its ball in hand, 8 ball is play as it lays, and cutthroat is play as it lays.

Where is the 8 ball on sims kingdom?

there is no 8 ball