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you lose the point... O_o

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Q: What if you hit the net during a tennis point?
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If you touch the net in tennis do you lose the point?

If you hit the ball into the net in tennis you don't lose a point, rather the opponent get s a point.

What is a netball in tennis?

When the ball goes into the net. After that it stops. The person that hit the ball into the net looses the point.

Can you hit tennis ball on opposite side of net?

No, no players can cross over the net during play.

Does the ball have to hit the racket net in tennis?

Yes, otherwise your opponent gets the point

Can you reach over the net to hit a tennis ball?

No you cannot reach over the net to hit a tennis ball...

In tennis what does the other team do when you hit the net twice when you serve?

The opposition get a point for a double fault

Can you hit a tennis ball around the net?

As long as you don't hit the net and the ball stays in play by all other rules, you hit around the net. Well you could hit the net but it has to go to the opponents side if it hit in your side its the opponents point.

What are three ways a tennis player losses a point?

Hits the ball out or in the net or doesnt hit the ball...

What is the purpose of tennis racket?

To hit the tennis ball over the net.

Can net be crossed during tennis overhead?

Yes as long as you do not touch any part of the net while the point is being played. simple :)

Can a racket hit the tennis net after hitting the ball on a follow through?

Of course not! Any form of touching the net while the point is in play will result in you loosing the point and the opposition winning.

Can you run into the net in tennis?

touching the net in a tennis competition is not allowed and if you do run into it the opponent/s are/is awarded the point.

What is soccer tennis?

Soccer tennis is when you have a tennis net and you volley a soccer ball with your feet over the net to the other player. Whoever messes up or hits the net losses a point.

Why do tennis players apologize for a net point won?

Tennis players do not apologize for just any net point. Tennis players usually apologize for the cheap shots, like if the player hit a forehand, but it hit the net at the top and bounced right in front of the net while the opponent was at the baseline. Hitting the net is never the goal, and is an accident, especially if it goes over. When it hits the net and goes over, that is when players usually apologize for the cheap win on the point. On regular net points, players do not apologize to one another because it was won fairly without any cheap play involved.

In tennis what happens in doubles if your opponent hit the net person while serving is it their point?

If the person at the net is the receiving team the server would win the point. If the person at the net is on servers team the server takes a second serve.

What happens if you hit the tennis ball with your shoulder and it bounces in?

its their point because you failed to hit the ball with the racket, however if u hit the ball and it bounces off one of the posts keeping the net up and it goes in its your point since you hit the ball with your racket and it went basically over the net

In Tennis What Happens If The Ball hits the net during play?

If the ball hits the net and goes over during a serve, it is called a let and is not counted as a fault. If it doesn't go over it is counted as a fault. In play, if the ball touches the net but goes over it is counted and a point is given to the player who hit it; if a ball hits the net but it doesn't make it over, a point is given to the receiving player.

Tennis racket over the net in tennis?

If you reach your racquet over the net in the middle of a point before the ball has crossed the net, you lose the point. If the ball has crossed the net and when you return it your follow through goes over the net without touching it, it is good

What are the regulations for tennis?

tennis regulations include but are not limited to: foot faults - you cant step over the line before you serve the ball you cant touch the net until the point is over the ball cant bounce twice before you hit it no distracting the player during the point(yelling, etc)

What is a point in tennis?

The point of tennis is to keep the ball within bounds on the opposite side of the net from yourself, and to be the last person to do so.

Is it legal to hit the net post in tennis?

It depends. When serving you can't hit the net. When playing if you hit the net and it goes over, it will be hard to get. If it doesn't go over, well, that's your fault.

What does a tennis net do in tennis?

The same thing as in ping-pong. If one player does not return the ball over the net, then the other player (or team) gets the point.

If you served the ball in tennis and it hit the net and landed in your court is it a fault?


In Badminton What Happens If The Ball hits the net during play?

There is no ball.There is a shuttlecock, or more familiarly, a 'birdie'If the birdie hits the net and falls over, a point for the team that hit it.If the birdie hits the net and falls on the side from which it was hit, a point for the opposing team.

Can you score a point when receving the serve in volleyball?

Yes, if when it is on their side they miss the ball, or they hit the net, go under the net, over the net, or toe over during a play.