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No penalty, play the balls as they lie. You may need to mark one and then after the other one is played replace it.

The one that was originally stationary should be replaced to as close to its original location as possible.

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Q: What if golf ball hits another golf ball on the fringe?
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Golf driver hits?

The ball.

A golf ball hits the club with?

The face of the club.

Does a golf ball or a bouncy ball bounce?

Both do. A golf ball can bounce quite a ways if struck hard and hits a hard object , like a tree.

What type of sports use clubs?

In the sport of golf, a player hits the ball with a golf club.

If a 1 kg golf club swung at 6 meters per second hits a 01 kg golf ball and all of the momentum is transferred to the golf ball what is the velocity of the golf ball after the impact?

assuming you meant to say "0.1 kg golf ball": 60 m/s Too easy

What happens when a golf ball hits a high voltage transmission line?

It would just deflect off it, the outer layer of a golf ball is non conductive.

In golf what is the rule if ball hits bottom cup and comes out?

Simply, the ball must come to rest at the bottom of the cup for the ball to be holed.

What club hits the golf ball father 5 or 9 iorn?

Depends how you hit it

Can a Tumbleweed knock golf ball in hole?

Where do you play golf? The wild west. If a ball at rest is moved by the tumble weed, there is no penalty and the ball must be replaced. If the ball is moving and the tumble weed hits it, there is again no penalty but you must play the ball as it lies.

What mph does a golf ball travel at?

Average of about 100-150 for amateurs. Tiger Woods hits a ball at 170 MPH.

What type of energy is a golf ball hit?

if the golf ball is hit into the air, the forces on the golf ball are pushing (when the golf ball is hit) and air resistance (when it is flying through the air). when the ball hits the ground and starts to roll, the only force acting on it is friction.

In which sport does the player with the lowest score win?

Golf is one Sport where the player with the lowest score wins. The player that hits the ball the least amount of time, and holes the ball has the better score.