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A football cannot be intercepted on an extra point. As the extra point is kicked, not thrown. As far as two point conversions are concerned, if an interception is caught, it can be returned for two points, not a touchdown.

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Q: What if football is intercepted during extra point can it be returned for td?
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Can the defender intercept the ball on extra point play for touchdown in high school football?

No, it can be returned for 2 pts. on an extra pt. conversion.

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6 safety's., 1 TD no extra point two fgs, Two TD no extra pts, 4 , 2 fgs and 3 safety's. Really odd ones - 1 TD with extra pt two safety's and blocked extra or returned by defense to opposite end zone is 1 pt , 12 blocked extra pts returned 3 fg a safety and blocked pt. etc etc etc

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One extra point is awarded.

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