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Mario Lemieux would have his rightful place as the best hockey player ever.

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Q: What if Wayne Gretzky never played hockey?
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Where was Wayne Gretzky drafted?

Wayne Gretzky was never drafted

Was Wayne Gretzky drafted?

he was never drafted

When Wayne Gretzky die?

Wayne gretzky never died hes still alive

Did wyane gretzky play for the canucks?

Wayne Gretzky Played for the Oilers, Kings and Rangers. He never played for the Canucks. However his friend Pavel Bure DID play for the Canucks

Why Wayne Gretzky became famous?

because he broke many records and is an outstanding hockey player. he ate 8 hotdogs while playing in a minor league hockey game, but he never panned out as a player

Which of the players was never drafted into the NHL?

Wayne gretzky

Which of these people has never won the Spingarn Medal and probably never will?

Wayne Gretzky

How long did Wayne Gretzky play on a line with Gordie Howe?


When did Wayne Gretzky get signed by the Edmonton Oilers?

Wayne Gretzky was never drafted. He had a WHA contract with the Indianapolis Racers. In 1979 when the WHA merged with the NHL the NHL team associated was allowed to keep 2 players from their WHA team. Gretzky was obviously a choice for Edmonton and was therefore never drafted into the NHL.

Did Gretzky ever wear an A for new york rangers?

No, Wayne Gretzky was never an alternate captain for the New York Rangers.

When did Wayne Gretzky win Stanley cup with St. Louis?

This never happened. All 4 of Gretzky's Stanley Cups were won with Edmonton.

Who is 'Wayne' in hockey?

When people refer to "Wayne" in connection with hockey, they are invariably talking about "Wayne Gretzky" aka "The Great One". Gretzky holds just about every scoring record in the NHL which he earned playing for the Edmonton Oilers (there is a statue of him in front of the arena in Edmonton), LA Kings and NY Rangers. He now owns the Phoenix Coyotes and also managed Team Canada to a gold medal (the first in 50 years) in the 2002 Winter Olympics. He also has a small stint with the St Louis Blues. His scoring records will likely never be touched. While players today struggle to get 50 goals and 100 points in a season. The "great-one" would have that many in a half a season. Wayne Gretzky! How could you not know that !?