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mens gold 2010 winter Olympics

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Q: What ice hockey game had the most viewers?
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Which is faster game volleyball or ice hockey?

Ice hockey.

The game of ice hockey was originated where?

The original game of ice hockey was originated in Canada. It is currently most popular in North America but it was originated in Canada which is north of the border.

Indian national game?

Hockey not Ice-Hockey

Which is the fastest game after ice hockey?

Horshoes by far is the most intense, fastes game in the world

How did the Detroit red wings score the most points in a ice hockey game?

I don't know.......I don't watch hockey:)

What is the start of a hockey game called?

In field hockey, the game begins with a centrepass. In ice hockey, it begins with a faceoff.

How does an ice hockey game begin?

With a faceoff at center ice.

Is ringette the fastest game on ice?

Ice Hockey is faster.

How old is ice hockey?

Although the orgin of ice hockey is unknown, the modern game of Ice Hockey was first played in Montreal, Canada in 1875.

What sport did hockey most likely descend from?

The game of ice hockey probably evolved from the game of field hockey that was played in Northern Europe for hundreds of years. The modern version of ice-hockey finds its origins in the rules laid down by a Canadian named J G Creighton. His rules were implemented in the first game of ice hockey played in Montreal, Canada in the year 1875.

What is the name of the game that is like hockey but played on ice?

well there is ice hockey and there is curling which is more like shuffleboard on ice

How many officials is there in a hockey game?

There are two referees in an ice hockey game and two linesmen.

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