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Single A ball clubs are the lowest level in the minor leagues of professional Baseball.

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Q: What ia an A league team?
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What American league team became a national league team?

After the 1997 season the American League team, Milwaukee Brewers, were moved to the National League.

Does the home team select whether or not the game allows use of the DH?

In MLB, games between two American League teams always use the DH and games between two National League teams do not use the DH. When a team from the American League is playing a team from the National League, the rules used are those of the home team's league. If the home team is an American League team, the DH is used. If the home team is a National League team, the DH is not used.

The Vancouver giants are the farm team for which NHL team?

The Vancouver Giants team is a member of the Western Hockey League (WHL) in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL). It is a major junior hockey team and is not a minor league team for any major league.

What major league team plays for Knoxville?

There is no major league team located in Knoxville, but I believe there is a minor league one.

Who pays minor league baseball salaries?

The major league team which the minor league team is affiliated with. The minor league team owner(s) are responsible for all team expenses except for player salaries.

Is their a football league team with a j in their name?

st johnston is a british team but not a English league team

Do you capitalize little league team?

Yes. It should be--- Little League Team.

What football team won the league in 1999?

what football team won the league

Did Las Vegas have a baseball team in 1957?

I believe that they only had a minor league team but no major league team

How does a minor league player get paid when they are called up to the majors?

When a minor league player gets called up to the majors, they will get paid by the major league team. Many times, the minor league team is owned by the major league team.

Are the Houston Texans the worst team in the league?

The worst team in the league would be the one that was bottom of the league in that particular season.

How many baseball team are there in the American league?

22 baseball team in the American league

Which super league rugby league team has the most nationalities in their team?

leeds rhinos

What is an elite league team in nhl 10?

A team from the swedish hockey league "Elitserien"

What Major League Baseball team is for the state of Delaware?

there is no major league team for that state

Who is Chicago's baseball team?

The Chicago Cubs are the National League team, and the Chicago White Sox are the American League team.

Which team in the old English league has scored the most goals in the league?

The team in the old English league that has scored the most goals in the league is Manchester United.

What states does not have a major league baseball team-Maine Michigan or Missouri?

Between Maine, Michigan and Missouri, Maine is the team that doesn't have a Major League Baseball team. Michigan has the Detrot Tigers, a team in the American League Central Division and Missouri has the Kansas City Royals, a team in the American League Central Division and the St. Louis Cardinals, a team in the National League Central Division.

First team to win the champions league?

Marseille were the first team to win the Champions League since it became a league format.

What team is David Beckham on?

League : Major League Soccer - USA Team : LA Galaxy

National Rugby League Team Australia?

The Australian Rugby League team is known as the 'Kangaroos'.

Is the world series made up from a team from American league and a team from national league?


What is the NZ rugby league team called?

The NZ rugby league team are called the Kiwis

When was Southland rugby league team created?

Southland rugby league team was created in 1908.

What team won the League Cup in 2012?

Liverpool was the team the won the League Cup in 2012.