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I'll Have Another won the 2012 Derby.

Animal Kingdom won the 2011 Derby.

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Q: What horse won the most recent Kentucky Derby?
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What most common breed of horse runs in the Kentucky Derby?

The ONLY breed of horse that is allowed to race in the Kentucky Derby is the Thoroughbred.

What is the name of the most recent horse to win the Kentucky Derby?

The favorite horse is Dialed In for the 2011 derby, but favorites don't all ways win. That's who I would put my money on, Dialed In.

What is the most famous horse racing park in Kentucky?

the Kentucky derby

Where horse racing is most popular in the world and how?

Kentucky, USA. It is known for the Kentucky Derby.

What is the Kentucky Derby famous for?

The Kentucky Derby is famous as it is considered one of the most prestigious horse races in America. The Kentucky Derby is held at the Churchill Downs race track.

Which sex horse can run in the Kentucky Derby?

Any sex of horse can run in the Kentucky Derby. Most of the winning horses have been male. But fillies and geldings have participated and counted among the Derby's winners.

What is the most famous horse race in the US?

That would most likely be the Kentucky derby, Part of the Triple Crown, in Louisville Kentucky.

Who was the last horse to win the Kentucky Derby?

Super Saver [foaled 2007] was the most recent horse to win the Kentucky Derby. His victory came on the 136th running of the Derby, on May 1, 2010. His winning jockey was Calvin H. Borel [b. November 8, 1966], previously winning rider of the 2007 and the 2009 Kentucky Derbies. His winning time was 2 minutes 04.45 seconds.

What horse breed has won the most Kentucky Derby's?

Only Thoroughbreds have won the Kentucky Derby because the race is only open to registered Thoroughbreds, age 3.

What state has the most famous horse race?

i would say probably the Kentucky derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky

What are the three fillies that have won the Kentucky Derby?

Regret was the first filly to win the Kentucky Derby in 1915. Genuine Risk won in 1980, and Winning Colors was the most recent in 1988.

What is the most popular race?

Car race is the Indy 500. Horse race is the Kentucky Derby.

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