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Q: What horse was the 9th triple crown winner?
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Which horse won the 1973 Kentucky Derby?

The 1973 Kentucky Derby winner was SecretariatThat was Secretariat who went in to become the 9th Triple Crown Champion.

When did Secretariat win the triple crown?

Secretariat won the triple crown in 1973. He was the 9th horse to do so in 25 years.

Were all the triple crown winning horses related to secretariat?

No. Secretariat is actually the 9th Triple Crown winner. He won it in 1973. It would be impossible that the other Triple Crown winners, such as Sir Barton, who was the first to win it all the back in 1919, could be related to Secretariat. In fact, Secretariat's successful foals were mostly fillies, and they became great broodmares. Secretariat has no Triple Crown winners in his pedigree.

June 9th 1973 Secretar won the Triple Crown What is the Triple Crown?

Three grade one stakes in just five weeks..Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes.

Who was secretariat?

He was the 9th Triple Crown winner. He won it in 1973. Before him there was Sir Barton, Gallant Fox, Omaha, War Admiral,Whirlaway, Count Fleet, Assault, Citation. After Secretariat there was Seattle Slew and Affirmed. (they are listed in order)

What is triple crown alley at Churchill Downs?

There have been 11 triple crown winners in horse racing history. the first was sir barton in 1919. the 9th, 10th, and 11th were secretariat in 1973, seattle slew in 1977, and alysheba in 1978. the 2nd to the 8th all won between 1931 and 1949. if you visit churchill downs in louisville, kentucky, the have a tile up on the walls surrounding entrances to the race track with every winner from 1875 to 2011. one of the alley way entrances has the 18 tiles from 1931 to 1949 when the dominant number of triple crown winners is posted (six in all). that is why that alley way is called "triple crown alley". if you are a big racing fan and you ever visit it like i did, i guarantee you will get goose bumps.

Anything noteworthy today in history 9th of June?

On June 9th of the year 53, Nero, the Emperor of Rome, married Claudia Octavia. On June 9, of the year 68, Nero committed suicide. June 9, 1973, Secretariat won the Triple Crown of horse racing.

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