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Q: What hormone builds muscles?
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What is the subject and predicate of Lifting weights builds muscles?

Lifting weights = subject builds muscles = predicate

How can sports make you stronger?

Sports builds muscles. It depends what sport you play because each sport builds different muscles.

How does exercise build muscles?

exercise builds muscles by adding an additional weight.

Which hormone influences the rate of protein synthesis of skeletal muscles?

Growth hormone (GH)

What builds up in muscles when there is not enough oxygen?

Lactic acid (lactate) will build up in muscles.

What happens when lactic acids builds up in your muscles?

They tire!

What is a major component of bones and the proteins that builds muscles?


What builds up in your muscles without oxygen?

Lactic Acid

Which acid builds in your muscles when you work hard?

Lactic acid

What acid builds up if there is no oxygen in your muscles?

Lactic Acid.

How does exercise affect kids?

it builds muscles and it is good for everyone

What builds up in heavily exercised muscles?

Lactic Acid

How do push ups make you stronger?

it builds the muscles in the chest

What builds up the muscles easily and fast?

Steroids will help

What hormone builds up the endometrial tissue lining in a woman's uterus?


Which hormone causes the cells in bones and muscles to lengthen?

It is the growth hormone. It is secreted by anterior pituitary.

What molecule builds up in muscles to make them function anaerobically?


What acid builds up in muscles during exercise?

Lactic acid.

What color is lactic acid when it builds up in your muscles?

Canary Islands

How does kickball help people's fitness?

exersize, builds muscles, etc.

What does protiein do?

protien builds your muscles and makes you feel full after eating.

What does protein make in the human body?

Builds strong bones and muscles.

The major targets of growth hormone are?

bones and skeletal muscles

Major targets of growth hormone are?

Bones and skeletal muscles

Which acid accumulates in the muscles of cause fatigue?

Lactic acid is what builds up in the muscles as they are used and an abundance will cause the muscles to feel tired and weak.