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Milan Hejduk for the Colorado Avalanche

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Q: What hockey players wear jersey number 23 in the NHL?
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What hockey players wear jersey number 8 in the NHL?

Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitals).

What hockey players wear jersey number 7?

Phil Esposito when he played for the Boston Bruins.

Can a player wear a 3 digit number jersey in baseball and if no why?

No. Why? Probably same reason a Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, and Softball players do not wear it either. It is simply not neccessary.

What hockey players wear the number 00 in the nhl?


What soccer players wear number 4?

Different players from different clubs wear the number 4 jersey. Phil Jones wears the number 4 jersey for Manchester United, Fabregas for Chelsea, and Per Mertesacker for Arsenal.

In the NFL what players wear number 17?

for a custom nfl jersey

What players wear jersey number 95 in the NFL?

Defensive linemen

What players wear jersey number 42 in the NHL?

kyle wellwood

What NBA players wear jersey number 50?

There have been 106 players from the NBA or ABA who have worn the jersey number 50. Some notable players are Emeka Okafor, Zach Randolph, and David Robinson.

Which hockey players wear yerseys with number 26?

You have Patrik Elias on the Devils as one.

Which NBA players wear number 6?

There are many different NBA players that wear the Number 6 jersey. Among these are Arron Afflalo, Kent Bazemore and Tyson Chandler.

What soccer players wear number 2?

Gary Neville wears jersey number 2.

Are the jersey numbers of hockey players relative to the positions they play?

It is quite rare that you will see forwards wearing numbers 1-8 or defenseman who wear numbers 9-28. Goalies traditionally wear the number 1 or numbers in the 30's, but there are exceptions, as it is not a written rule. In minor hockey and junior hockey teams players are restricted to only a few jersey numbers, usually 1-31. Most defensemen are restricted to numbers 2-8, while the forwards can choose from number 9-29. The numbers 1, 30, and 31 are usually reserved for goaltenders. It's not related to their positions as it is in football. Players can wear any number from 1-98 nowadays.

List of players to wear the number 7 Liverpool jersey?

robbie keane

What famous baseball players wear number thirteen jersey?

alex rodriguez

Which famous soccer players have worn jersey number 19?

Lionel Messi used to wear the number 19 jersey, until he switched to the more popular number "10".

Soccer players who wore the number 14?

Two players to wear the famous 14 number jersey are Theo walcott and Thierry Henry.

What soccer players wear the number 2?

Either the last man (sweeper) or left/right defenders wear the number 2 jersey

Which current or past NBA players wear number 87?

There has been no present or past NBA or ABA players who have worn the jersey number 87.

What alabama football players wore jersey number 41?

2 recent players to wear number 41 are Courtney Upshaw and Roman Harper

Which current English soccer players wear jersey number 6?

John Terry

Which cricket players has jersey number 24?

Here are a list of cricket players who have worn/currently wear the number 24 jersey (Players in bold currently wear the shirt number):Australia: Brad Williams, Adam Dale, Adam VogesEngland: Paul Grayson, Kevin PietersenIndia: Piyush ChawalaSouth Africa: Vernon PhilanderWest Indies: Kemar Roach

Why did the famous players wear the number 46?

Famous players wore the number 46 jersey because the number identified the player that was most liked. the 46 number was associated with players like Jackie Robinson.

In an All-Star hockey game do the players wear the same jersey throughout the game?

Yes. Altough in some cases the NHLPA may ask certain players to change their jersey after each period, signing them to to be auctioned off for charity.

Can hockey players wear headsets while playing ice hockey?