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all of them and your a jackass

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Q: What high school has the most football players to play in college?
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What percentage of high school football players get college football scholarships?

Only about about 2 percent of high school football players receive college scholarships "well about 20% of high school football players get college football scholarships." "martin alberts College Florida" is incorrect.

'What percentage of high school football players get college football scholarships'?

About 5%.

What percentage of high school football players go on to play college football?

5.7 percent of highschool senior football players will go on to college football.

What percentage of College basketball players played football in high school?


What percent of high school football players play college football?

6% of all high school football athletes will go and play at the collegiate level.

When do high school football players have to sign with the college they have chose?

by the first Wednesday in february

Who would win between the Detroit Lions and the best High School football team in America?

The Detroit Lions would win, because the NFL pulls out the best of the best college football players and college football takes the best high school football players. The Lions would win easy.

Who are the NBA players who played American Football in high school or college?

Lebron James Allen Iverson

What major college basketball players played high school football?

Allen iverson lebron James

Was there any players that play pro basketball that played football in high school or college?

Nate Robinson

Can some one play college football with out playing high school football in Texas?

Sure, there are players from all over the world.

Which high school had the most football players play Division 1 football?

Barrington high school

How many football players in college is from thomas downey high school in california?

There are 3 College Football Players from Thomas Downey High School in California. One plays for Purdue University, one plays for the Flordia Gators, & the third one plays for the Oklahoma Sooners.

Is a high school football bigger than a collage football?

No...a high school football is smaller than a college football

Was Jamie Foxx in high school playing football or college?

he play football when he was in high school

Can a person play on a private high school football team and still go to college football?

You can definitely go on to play college football. Plenty of current college football players attended private high schools. Bennie Fowler from Michigan State attended Detroit Country Day which is a private school.

Do high school football players have to wear a mouthpiece?


What percentage of high school basketball players play college ball and what percentage of college players go on to professional ball?

way less than football because football teams have more players on one team. Basketball has usually 9 to 15 players compared to 53 players on a football team.

What are the chances of a high school football athlete becoming a college football athlete?

it depends how good you are and how committed you are willing to be to it Overall however 5.5% of Senior High School players will get a Freshmen position as a college player.

Why do NFL players say they are from a high school insead of their college?

The players who didn't go to college of players who when to a bad college.

How many high school football players are aloud on a team?

Most high school football teams have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string players, so around 35 players is a normal number for the number of players on a high school football team but, only 11 players can be on the field at one time.

How many player are on a high school football team?

There are twelve players on the field in Canadian football. A typical high school team will have approximately 35 players.

What percentage of high school football players go to play in nfl?

Well its about 3% of college and 1 % of high school. Cole Lowe is one of those 1 %

Is a college football bigger than a high school football?

yes they are bigger than high school.

Do football players have to have a high school diploma to be professional athlete?

Yes and you must also be in college for atleast 3 years