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Q: What high school football team has the most wins in Michigan?
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School with the most division 1 football wins?


Where is high school football most popular?

High School football is most popular in Southern United States. Texas is known to be the most intense area for High School football. Texas also produces the most Divison I athletes.

What is the most popular high school sport?


Which high school football program in Texas has produced the most NFL players?

Corsicana High School

What 3A high school has won the most state championships in a row in football?

Safford high school.

Who is the most popular high school football player in Texas?

The most popular high school football player in Texas is Matt Poursoltani. Matt, a senior from Pilot Point High School in Texas, is drawing attention as a football prospect because he can press 700 pounds.

What is idaho's most popular high school sport?


What are the most common injuries in high school football?


Who played football for Hamtramck Michigan?

As of 2011, the most well-known alumnus of Hamtramck High School's Football team is Willie Fleming. Willie played running back for the school team before being recruited to the University of Iowa and finally, going on to play in the Canadian Football League in 1959.

What Michigan high school holds the record for most consecutive loses?


Can you bring dogs into the Arlington high school football field?

It matters what high school, but at most schools no.

What state has the most high school football talent?

I would have to say that either Texas or California has the best High School football talent. I am leaning towards Texas.