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corner back

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Q: What high school football position should you play at 154 pounds 5'7 tall good hands and can run good routes and have good coverage?
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What position in football gaurds the catcher?

For deep passing routes, the cornerback is typically responsible for covering the receiver.

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If you are referring to professional American Football, then there are some key things to consider in attempting to become a professional. 1. Study very hard and get good grades so that you qualify for high-school sports. 2. Eat nutritional foods. 3. Exercise. Once you mature some more, begin a weight program. 4. Try to determine the position you wish to play. Focus on that position. Try to find older players who are very good in that position. 5. Work hard and remember to prepare for college. Must have education and ability to study since all those routes they use in the NFL are very hard to keep straight.

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