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10 ft.... you sould of been on that since age 10

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Q: What height of basketball net should a 12 year old be playing on?
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How tall should a basketball hoop be for a 11 year old?

the height of a hoop for a 11 year old should be near 7 ft.

What is the average height of a 12-year-old basketball player?

Basketball players should be taller, so I would say about 63 inches.

What height should basketball hoops be for 12 year olds?

A 12 year old should use a regulation basketball hoop. You do not want your 12 year old to get use to a shorter hoop. A standard hoop is 10 feet high.

What is the beginning salary for playing basketball?

There is not a beginning salary for basketball players. The average salary for a person playing professional basketball is about $3,500,000 a year.

What year did ian lockhart start playing basketball?

He started playing in the year of 1990

Is 4' 10 an average height for a 14-year-old in India and if not what can you suggest for increasing height and what is the perfect height?

* It is slightly under average height. I am 5 ft 7 and that is the average in my school. A very useful process for me was hanging from a bar and playing basketball. * I am 5 ft 7 and I am also 14.

What height is an 11 year olds basketball hoop?

10 Feet

What is fun for a 11 year old?

playing basketball or playing outside is what i like to do im 11

What year did women go from half court basketball playing to full court playing in Tennessee?

the year 1956

How much does playing basketball pay?

2000000 a year

What is the height of the basketball rim for 11 year old boy?

10 feet.

What is the average height of a 13-year-old basketball player?

5ft 6 - 6 ft

What year did Kobe Bryant start playing basketball?


What year did Carmelo Anthony start playing basketball?


What year did Orlando Magic start playing basketball?


What year did the Dallas Mavs start playing basketball?


What year did Hawaii start playing basketball?


Where is Brian Roberts playing basketball this year?

Brian Roberts (B-Rob) is playing basketball in German Top Leauge. He plays from Bamberg Brose Baskets

What is the height of the basketball rim for 9 year old boy?

The height of the rim would be 8 ft or 8 1/2 feet.

How tall is Allen Inverson?

Allen Iverson, the American basketball player, stands at six feet, zero inches (6'0"). This coverts to about 1.83 meters in stature. For a 37 year old basketball player, this is relatively small height; giving him an ideal advantage to playing point guard.

What year did women start playing basketball?

Dec. 09, 1978

What year did Michael Jordan he start playing basketball?

Late 1980s

What is the height of a basketball goal for an eleven year old?

cupcakes and sprinkles taste good in the bathtub!:)

What size basketball should a 7 year old boy use?

A 7-year old boy should use the Junior International Size 5 basketball. The basketball has a circumference between 27.25 to 27.75 inches.

When did derrick rose start basketball?

Derrick Rose Started playing basketball year 2008. After that year he won Rookie of the year being the 1st overall pick. By NKF