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Tony Dungy was the first when he was the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

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Q: What head coach beat all 32 NFL teams?
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How can you become a NFL head coach?

Send your resume to all of the NFL teams.

Has any NFL coach beat all 32 teams?

Tony Dungy

When did NFL Head Coach happen?

NFL Head Coach happened in 2006.

When was NFL Head Coach created?

NFL Head Coach was created on 2006-06-20.

What does a head coach of a NFL team do?

coach the players

How many coaches does an NFL team usually have on staff -?

A typical NFL Staff has the following coaches: Head Coach Assistant Head Coach Offensive Coordinator Defensive Coordinator Special Teams Coach Running Backs Coach Receivers Coach Offensive Line Coach Defensive Line Coach Linebackers Coach Quarterback Coach Cornerbacks Coach Safeties Coach Tight Ends Coach Strength and Conditioning Coach In addition teams can have various assistant coaches who help by performing various duties during the season.

How many coaches per nfl team?

An NFL team has ten coaches per team. These include the head coach, defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator, quarterback coach, offensive line coach, defensive line coach, special teams coach, linebacker coach, strength coach, and secondary coach.

Who was the first NFL coach for the NFL football team cardinals?

The Cardinals' first season in the NFL was 1920 and their head coach was Paddy Driscoll. He was head coach from 1920-1922.

What NFL Teams did Dan Reeves coach?

1972,1974-1980 Dallas Cowboys (Running Back Coach and Offensive Coordinator) 1981-1992 Denver Broncos (Head Coach) 1993-1996 New York Giants (Head Coach) 1997-2003 Atlanta Falcons (Head Coach)

What NFL teams currently have black coaches?

Currently 6 teams (Cincinnati, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Chicago and San Francisco) are the only NFL teams with Black head coaches. Art Shell was the first black head coach in the NFL, coaching for Oakland in two separate tenures. In the history of the NFL, only 10 Black head coaches have been hired.

Who is the NFL head coach Tennessee?

Jeff Fisher is the head coach of the Tennessee Titans!!

Which NFL coach has Super Bowl with two teams?

None no coach has every won the superbowl with two different teams

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