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Pro rata its Rugby

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2011-04-04 17:03:02
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Q: What has more injuries rugby or football?
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Is there more injuries in football or rugby?

footbal cuz rugy doesnt do nothing. i is now this cuz i do many reaserch on topix

Would the players of rugby soccer and American football get injuries?

Yes, they would all be sports where players do get injuries.

Are there more injuries in football or soccer in 2008?

football had the most injuries.

Are there more injuries in football or hockey?

There Is More Injuries IN Football Than Hockey, Hockey Has Less

What is more popular rugby or motocross?


Which has more injuries football or basketball?


Are there more gay people in rugby than in football?


Why is rugby more physical than football?

Rugby is a complete contact sport. A tackle in football is supposed to be contact free where in rugby, fully body contact is required, the players are expected to use their body as a battering ram (especially the forwards) - the rucking is done with the feet which means that there is high chance of injury. Rugby players don't wear protection like football players, therefore are much more vulnerable to injuries and concussions. Rugby is a much more continuous than football which has much more stoppages, altough some of the hits of football are quite hard, but everytime some one is tackled the game stops. Look at the rugby scrum, which is much more physical than a ruck.

Is rugby paying more than football?

The wages are increasing in rugby compared to soccer and American football

Who gets injured more often rugby players or football players?

Which kind of football? That also includes rugby by definition. All sports have similar injury rates; the difference lies in the types of injury and where they occur. Association football injuries mostly feature the legs, particularly the ankles; rugby football, especially league, usually involve shoulder, neck and head injuries; American football often involves head and torso-limb joint injuries. American football originated from rugby, but generally on an average, rugby players get injured more often because they wear no padding(however, a select few in the scrum can wear scrumcaps, to stop their ears from being ripped off). The thory behind the no padding is that you can hit somebody as hard as you like, but you will also feel all of the effects. So if you hit and feel the effects, or hit and pretend you did nothing, which do you think would be more likely to injure?

Is it a good idea to have hitting in rugby practice does it cause more injuries or does it toughen you up?

It is a good idea to have hitting in rugby practice, it does not care more injuries nor does it toughen you up. The more practice a person gets, the better they will become. This is no different in rugby which is why hitting in rugby is a good idea.

Does football or basketball have more injuries?

by football do you mean soccer?

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