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The highest score line between Barcelona and Real Madrid is 11-1 in Real favour in the year 1943.

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Q: What has been real Madrids highest scoreline against Barcelona?
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What is the highest score against Madrid and Barcelona?

5-0 Barcelona won

What is real Madrids stadium highest people?

The president of Real Madrid is Fiorentina Perez.

What is the highest rugby league scoreline?

Biggest I've been is Lebanon 86 - Italy 0

Real Madrid highest score against bacelona?

real Madrid 11-0 Barcelona

What is Tottenham's highest scoreline?

13-2 v Crewe Alexandra, FA Cup, 3 February 1960.

What is the highest score realmadrid score against Barcelona?

my brother the answer is they won in 1945 and they won 11-1 against barca and they won 8-2 but i dont remember when. thnx

What was the highest score line between real Madrid and Barcelona?

Real Madrid beat Barcelona 11-0 but I don't know the history of Barcelona vs Real Madrid! I think that is the highest score line!

What was the most number of goals scored in a football game?

The world record for the highest scoreline in football (soccer), recognised by The Guinness Book of Records, is 149-0, set on 31 October 2002. AS Adema, of Toamasina in Madagascar, beat their arch-rivals Stade Olympique de L'Emyrne (SOE) as the result of a pre-determined protest by SOE over refereeing decisions that had gone against them during a four-team playoff tournament. The match surpassed the previous record for the highest scoreline of 36-0, set in 1885.

What was the highest score line between Barcelona?

Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona on 13 June 1943.

Which La Liga team has the highest payroll?

The La Liga with the highest payroll are Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Which hotel in Barcelona is highest rated according to Travelocity?

The hotel in Barcelona that has been highest rated according to Travelocity is Hotel Supreme. It has been well rated by reviewers and has thousands of visitors every month.

Who is the highest paid player right now for Barcelona FC?

lionel messi

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