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Q: What has Wayne Rooney connection have to manchester?
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What clubs has Wayne Rooney played for?

Wayne Rooney has played for Manchester United and Everton.

For what club does Wayne Rooney play?

As of June 2014, Wayne Rooney plays for Manchester United, a club in England.

What number is Wayne Rooney for mufc?

Wayne Rooney is Number 10 for Manchester United FC.

Who was Wayne Rooney's mother?

Jeanette Rooney is Wayne Rooney's mother. She had three children. Wayne Rooney, her oldest son, is a top scoring player for Manchester United.

Who is wazza from Manchester united?

Wayne Rooney

Who is Lil Wayne to Wayne Rooney?

Lil Wayne is a famous singer and Wayne Rooney is a famous football player who plays in Manchester united

Is Birminghams Rooney related to Manchester uniteds Rooney?

No. Adam Rooney of Birmingham City is from Republic of Ireland whilst Wayne Rooney of Manchester United is from Merseyside.

Who Wayne Rooney?

Wayne Rooney (born October 24, 1985) is an English footballer, captain of the English national team. As of 2016, he played for Manchester United.

How did Wayne Rooney join Manchester united?

Man united signed Wayne Rooney from everyton for 25 million

How much did man utd pay for Rooney?

Manchester United paid £25.6 million for Wayne Rooney.

Who is the best player for Manchester united?

Wayne Rooney

Manchester united - top goalscorer?

Wayne Rooney