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well u will not win because u will not learn

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โˆ™ 2010-03-30 12:24:34
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Q: What happens when you mess about while playing sports?
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What is a sentence for the word mess?

My kids are planning there party,after a while they are just making a mess

What happens when you mess up a part while fixing an airplane?

The part wont fit, or the plane wont work.

What are the major job responsibilities for a sports engineer?

dont mess up

Do i check the oil in 1991 softail harley Davidson while its running?

No. Check the oil while it is off. If you attempt to check while running, you will make a mess. If you do not make a mess, you are probably low on oil.

What happens if you overfill your transmission in dodge Dakota?

a big mess.

Can birth control mess up while taking it?


If you mix antifreeze and oil and put it in a gas tank what happens?

You have a mess.

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you will mess up your sleep cycle

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then you still love him.

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You gotta clean the mess up:)

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it will make your game freeze and any unsaved data lost, but your game cartridge will still be fine.

Must you be talented to play sports in college?

yes, have something others cant mess what you can do and built on it.

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If you mess up you mess up! The girls don't care if you mess up! Its accually kind of cute when that happens. So if you do mess up, you could write her a note saying something like you aren't that clumsy and you just really like her a lot and that is why because you were nervous, or something like that.

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nope it's perfectly safe

Your xbox live is playing up and im with pipex would that mess it up?


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Nothing You Just Get A Big Mess :P

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The gelatin structure will break and you will have a liquid mess.

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they get happy, horny, and have the urge to mess around

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the world will be a mess and that will make our world not a better place

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the nail polish will mess up!! and it will be your fault!! burn!!

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it feels the same but makes a mess.

What effect does family have on sports performance?

Well if your family has a lot of confidence in you, you might get nervous and mess up in your game.

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A Giant foamy mess comes out the top, like a volcano. this happens because there is a reaction in the bottle

What happens when I switch home security system companies?

They will probably just install the new system while trying to not mess with the other system at all. If you own the other alarm system, I am sure they will take it out for you.

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