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You are sideline for the rest of the game but in the NBA you can get six fouls before your out

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Q: What happens when you get five fouls in a game in basetball?
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What happens to a player who has committed five fouls personal or technical?

they get put on the bench for the rest of the game

How many fouls are needed to foul out in a high school basketball game?

You get five fouls before you foul out.

What happens if you get 5 fouls in basketball?

You can't play the rest of the game.

What is the limit of fouls in a high school game?

unlike in the NBA that the maximum of fouls is six, in a high school game the maximum of fouls you can commit is five fouls. I recommend you not to foul to hard because the ref can expel you from the game if he thinks that you did it on purpose. believe me it have happened to me. good luck.

How many fouls is each player able to have in basketball?

Five then your rejected from the game.

What happens if the basketball players exceed their limit of fouls?

normaly they get kicked out of the game

What are the results of a foul in basketball?

One foul on you does not do anything. It's just when you get to five fouls, you are out of the game. Also, if you get close to five fouls, the coach might take you out for a bit, if you are pretty good.

What happens if a basketball player fouls himself?

Then he/she is a idiot. But nothing will happen, the game will go on.

What happens if you exceed the amount of allowable fouls in a basketball game?

Each player is allowed five fouls apiece. Once the player(s) reach their five foul limit, they are done for the game. A team may foul as many times as it wants as long as they have team members to foul. Also, as a side note, any technical fouls given to a player, are not included in the five foul total--they are simply just addidtions. However, if a player and/or a coach receives two techincals in one game, they are automatically ejected from that gameAnswerThen you will have to sit off for the rest of the game.

How many fouls you get per game?

6 fouls

In the NBA if you exceed your 6 fouls what happens?

You have to sit out the rest of the game when you commit your sixth foul.

What happens if you break the rules in basketball?

It's called foul. 3 fouls and you're out of the game.

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