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i'm a professional Netball player, therefore i will answer your question. If you break a minor rule you will have to stand by the players side doing nothing until the ball leaves their hands, then you can move again. It's called a penalty pass.

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the other teams ball or a free shot or pass with you standing beside

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Free pass to the non-offending team.

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Q: What happens when you break a minor rule in netball?
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What happens in hockey if you break a rule?

You most likely get a 2 min minor penalty

What does a free pass mean in netball?

A free pass is awarded when a play breaks a minor rule. Therrefore the free pass is taken from the same spot as to where the rule was broken.

What is the strangest netball rule?

the answer is replay

What is the first rule of netball?

A player is not allowed to run with the ball.

What is the 3 feet rule in netball?

The three feet rule is how far you need to be from a player to defend them when they have the ball.

What rule is the player breaking if they run with the ball in netball?

The player is breaking the rule of no running with the ball in you r hands

what is "delay game" rule in netball?

There is such thing called google use 😁😊

Are you allowed in netball to hit the pole from a side pass?

No you are not allow to do that. It is strictly against the rule.

What is the rule regarding fingernails in netball?

Your nails should not be longer than your finger itself.

What happens if a swimmer breaks each swimming rule?

If a swimmer breaks any swimming rule, they get disqualified. If they get disqualified the time that they got, well not count. If they were to break all of the rules, the same happens. They don't get another punishment for each broken rule. Their time just won't count.

What is contact rule in netball?

it means you have like tapped or accidently bumped your opponent or another player

What is the advantage rule in netball?

if a foul has accured but the team that it is for has possession the game carries on and it is called advantage