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Either a broken kick start shaft that is bound up internally or most likely a seized motor.

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Q: What happens when the kick starter wont kick on a yz 125 dirt bike?
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What are the signs of a blown top end on a two stroke dirt bike?

no compression (easy to push kick starter down)

How do you take off a kick start on a kawasaki dirt bike?

you'd probaly have to unsrew ,but i dont know why you would need to take of a kick starter ,thats the thing that starts up the engine

How young can you be to ride a dirt bike?

Depends id you can kick a dirt bike over after coming out of the womb

How do you put a chain back on a dirt bike?

kick it

Your kick start on your dirt bike is locked?

it is broken

Do dirt bikes have a battery?

Some do, some don't. I have one that is kick start only and one that is electric start that has a battery for the starter.

How do you fix a dirt bike kick start it doesnt click over its a baja dirt bike?

1 get a manual 2 remove right side cover 3 inspect the kick start mechanism and see what is broke by moving the kick starter through its normal motion 4 replace broken part 5 reassemble 6 ride

How do you start dirt bike?

First make sure the bike is in neutral and push kick start down on right side of the bike.

How does a dirt bike start?

Most dirtbikes are kickstart, where you kick down on a lever.

Is a 1997 Yamaha rt 180 dirt bike a kick start?

yes it is

How do you install a key switch to your dirt bike?

No matter what dirt bike you are riding you will want to install the switch via the ignition coil. Obviously based on the dirt bike you will need to find a convenient place for the key switch but make sure you run it through the ignition coil. Especially if you have both a electric and kick start on your dirt bike.

A kick stand on a 2 stroke dirt bike?

a 2 stroke dirt bike is meant for racing. they do not have kick stands because they are meant to start and go and not stop. you can buy a kickstand and hook it up to the bolt on the back wheel on the left side you can buy 1 for about 50$

How do you start a 2 strock pocket dirt bike'?

Turn the gas on, pull the choke out and kick it.

What if youre dirt bike kick start wont move?

Then your engine is seized..toasted..finished...

How do you start a 1971 Honda dirt bike?

I actually own a 1971 Honda dirt bike. If it is in good condition, then it should start easily. The bike is a kick start. By the right side foot peg, there is a small black lever that flips down. Flip it down and kick it down to start the bike. Make sure the key is turned to on. Also giving a little gas while kick starting it may help if it is not starting right away.

How do you start a 90cc baja motorsports dirt bike?

2 words kick start. you start with the bike in neutral and kick down the kick start located on the right side of the bike and give it a little gas wile your kicking it (if its cold u mite have to put the choke on wile doing so)

How do you kick start a 1982 Honda XR500R?

Put the choke in the full choke position. Hold the compression release in, twist the throttle fully open and kick the kick starter 8 times. move the choke to the half choke position and kick the kick starter 2 times with the throttle closed move the kick starter so that you are at the compression point at the bottom of the kick starter stroke and then use the compression release to move the kick starter just past the bottom (full compression) position kick the kick starter from the top all the way through the compression stroke. This will usually start the bike in 1 to 2 kicks, Note: using this method, you do not have to "stand" on the kick starter. If you have enough momentum from the top of the kick stroke, you will have a very easy time of it.

Does a drz125l dirt bike have a kickstart?

Yes it has, but that depends on where are you located... For example in Colombia that bike comes with kick start, but in USA comes with electronic ignition

My dirt bike has problems starting?

Well you really need to be more specific. What kind of bike. Can you at least kick it or is it stuck? details dude details

I've have a Polaris Phoenix 220 cc but the kick-starter won't work for a unknow reason there's no force needed to kick it down and nothing happens at all. What can be the cause of this?

The kick starter on a Polaris Phoenix 220cc might not be working because of a loose wire to the starter. If the machine still starts using a key, then check for a broken wire to the starter from the kick starter.

How do you unflood a dirt bike engine?

Take out the spark plugGet a lighter and light the silver part of the spark plugAfter that kick the dirt bike over about 5-6 times.If that still does not work repeat number 1 and 2 and get a mini torch and get the spot on fire where u put the spark plug while on fire kick the kick start over a few times and put the spark plug back in if that does not work u need a new spark plug.....happens to my KTM 65 2000 all the time!!

How do you start a semi automatic kick start dirt bike?

how to push start semi automatic because it wont start

Why does your kick start not go down anymore on your dirt bike?

blown up buddy blown up buddy Might be :But if this dirt bike has a clutch try putting it in second gear and pushing it with the clutch in then when you get it moving fast as you can let the clutch out .If the motor turns over your kick start is probably jammed might have something gamed in it .

How do you start a mini dirt bike?

it depends because if it's a kick start you turn your choke then kick the start and if you got a pull start the you turn the choke and pull it a few times. :P

How can you get your 1984 Honda cr 80r dirt bike to start if it wont kick over?

depends. can you push start it. need more info.