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It is called a foul

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Q: What happens when the batter in baseball hits a line drive off the pitchers mound and directly into the dugout?
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What is the time a batter has to react to hitting a baseball?

when it comes out the pitchers hand

If a baseball is thrown at 103mph and travels 60.5 feet how long does the ball take to get to the batter after it leaves the pitchers hand?

0.39 seconds

What happens if a batter drops the bat in rounders?

I'm not sure if you mean "baseball" when you say "rounders," but if you are, nothing happens if the batter drops the bat in baseball.

What is the act of throwing a baseball to a batter?

The physical action of throwing a baseball to a batter is known as "Pitching." The act of pitching, throwing the ball to the batter, is regulated by many rules dependent on the situation. For instance, there are 2 types of windups, the "Stretch" and the "Full Windup" which starting pitchers will use both types depending if runners are on base and which base they occuppy, but "relief pitchers" will normally use the stretch position regardless of the situation.

What Is a south paw's stat?

A southpaw is a lefty. Sports like baseball track the stats of pitchers and batter also by noting the predominant side of brain.

What is a pitchers count?

A pitchers count is when the pitcher is leading the count and not the batter he is facing. (ex. If the count is 1-2 it would be a pitchers count because there are more strikes then balls.)

What is the difference of the pitchers area in softball and baseball?

Baseball and softballs pitchers have completely different deliveries when it comes to pitching. A baseball player throws the ball over hand, like the rest of his team. A softball pitcher throws the ball underhand, using a "windmill" motion. They both, however, have the same motives - to strike out the batter.

When you change pitchers during an at bat which pitcher is responsible for that batter?

The 2nd one.

Has a major league baseball player ever made three outs in one inning?

No, not a batter. Pitchers have struck out the side, and there have been unassisted triple plays though

How far is the pitchers mound from the batter in girls softball-in-primary?

25 foot steps.

What is a sacrifice hit in baseball?

this is when the ball goes over the pitchers mound and hits the second base man in the head. The batter gets a hit, but the second basemen has been sacrificed.

How far is the pitcher in softball from the batter?

It depends on what age division the team is in. Ohio high school pitchers are 43 feet from the batter

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