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it is a travel and the other team gets the ball

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Q: What happens when a player takes more than 2 steps in basketball?
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Can a basketball player touch the ball after he loses it?

Depends upon how he lost it. If an opposing player knocked it out of his hand, then he can. If he loses it on his own and takes some steps before recovering it, then it would be traveling.

Make it takes to be a basketball player?

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Is it condisering traveling when two players from the same team come down with the basketball?

No, traveling is when the player with the ball takes more than two steps when they pick up the dribble.

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How do you know that a basketball dribble has completed?

Usually it is when the player has both hands on the ball. After this point has been established, the player can take two steps (or nowadays, with the rule change, basically three steps).This is why one can argue that spin moves where the player seemingly takes three steps is actually two steps because the dribble is potentially still alive (see Dwyane Wade or Lebron James).

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What basketball term is usually defined as the tallest player on a team who takes the tip-off?


How long will it take to reach your career goal as basketball player?

To be proficient at anything, it takes 10,000 hours.

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Lay up shot is a term associated with which of the games?

In the NBA, a layup is when the player takes FOUR steps towards the basket and leaves off one foot (usually opposite of shooting hand) and attempts to score a basket (backboard or no backboard). The term is the same in NCAA, and HS basketball just 2 steps instead of the NBA 4 stepper.