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The teams will play extra ends until there is a winner.

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The Over/under will always be set at a number ending in .5. Therefore, if the over/under is set at 7.5, 7 hits the under and 8 hits the over.

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Q: What happens when a curling game is tied?
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What happens if a curling game is tied?

you play another end

What happens in tennis when you score two times after the game is tied 40-40?

You win that game !

What are curling rags?

Curling rags are used to form dramatic waves. Hair is dampened and then twisted around the rags. They are tied to stay in place.

Is curling an individual game or a team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

How do you say are you curling tonight?

If you mean 'curling (your hair)': Are you curling tonight = Ensortijas anoche? If you mean the game of curling (on ice), there is no Spanish equivalent, so you'd have to say: Juegas a 'curling' anoche = Are you playing at 'curling' tonight?

When was the first game of curling?

In 1511

What kind of game is curling?

Yasser rockes

When was the first game of curling played?


What happens if your time expires in curling?

If your time expires, you automatically lose the game. Thus, making quick strategic decisions and being ready when it's your turn to shoot is very important in curling. Because the penalty for using up your time is so harsh, you almost never see it happen in high-level curling.

Is curling a first nations game?

No, curling is a Scottish game which became popular in areas of Canada settled by Scots, and particularly on the cold, long winters of the prairies.

When was the first game of curling ever played?


What did the sport of curling originate?

Curling originated in Scotland in the 1500's. However, modern curling is quite different from curling back then. They game took on its present form after being refined in Canada over the last century.