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Q: What happens when a basketball player continuously double dribbles?
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What happens if a player double dribbles in basketball?


What call is made if a basketball player dribbles with two hands?

Double Dribble.

What happens when someone on your team double dribbles what is the penalty in basketball?

A double dribble is when you dribble the ball, pick it up with both hands, and then dribble again. A travel is when you pick the ball up and take a step that is not a pivot.

What is it called when you push the basketball with your hand so that it bounces off the floor?

for some its just a regular shot ( about 4 people in the nba shoot like that), for others that joke, they call it a prayer

What happens after you double dribble?

If you double dribble in basketball , the other team gets the ball on the side and has to throw it in .

What is a triple double in basketball terms?

a triple double in basketball is when a player has points scored, rebounds and assists in double digits - like 10,10,10

What does the term double double mean in basketball?

That means a player has gotten 10 or more in two statistical categories. If a player scores 21 points and grabs 13 rebounds, it is called a double double. If a player grabs 12 rebounds and gets 11 assists, it is called a double double. Furthermore, if a player gets 10 or more in three statistical categories, it is called a triple double. If a player scores 18 points, grabs 11 rebounds, and gets 10 assists it is called a triple double.

How do you do a double crossover in basketball correctly?


When did the term double double in basketball originate?

Double-double is a basketball term, defined as an individual performance in a game in which a player accumulates a double digit number total in any two of these categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots.

How long will it take for money to double in a savings account that is compounded continuously?

Five years

What makes a quality dribble in basketball?

To not double dribble

How is a double double achieved in basketball?

a double double is achieved by having 10 or more rebounds along with 10 or more points or 10 or more assists in a regulation basketball game Actually, a double-double is double-digits (10+) in any two of the following statistical categories: Points Rebounds Assists Steals Blocks