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Q: What happens if a player double dribbles in basketball?
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What is a sign for double in basketball?

If a player dribbles the ball, stops dribbling, then dribbles again.

What call is made if a basketball player dribbles with two hands?

Double Dribble.

What happens if a player double dribbles?

The other team gets the ball.

What is it called when a player bounces a ball with two hands in basketball?

A double dribble. This rule could also be called if a player dribbles the ball, picks the ball up, and dribbles again.

What is it when a player dribbles the basketball with two hands at the same time?

This would be called a double dribble, and the opposing team would get possession of the ball

What happens to the air pressure when a NBA player dribbles the basketball down the court?

increases on impact due to the positive increase and reduced inner volume

When is a baby like a basketball player?

When he plays for the celtics

What is a discontinue dribble?

It's when a basketball player dribbles the ball, stops briefly, and then resumes dribbling.

What is it called when a player dribbles the ball after picking up hisher dribble?

double dribble

In high school basketball does a player get credited with an assist if the person passed to dribbles the ball before they shoot?

No. The assist isn't counted because an assist is though of as a fast pass then a score. If a player dribbles then there is no assist counted

What is barging in basketball?

I think you mean charging, which is when an offensive player commits a foul on the defensive player. Typically, this happens when the defensive player plants his feet and the offensive player runs/dribbles/pushes through him, knocking him down. It's not a charge if his feet are moving, though.

How many times does a basketball player dribble the ball in a minute?

That depends on how fast the player is dribbling the ball. There is not an exact number on how many times a player dribbles the ball.

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