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The club is treated an obstruction. The ball is played as is and the obstruction may be moved.

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Q: What happens when a ball hits a players club lying on the ground?
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What happens in lacrosse if the ball hits the ground?

What happens is the ball deforms which then flattens then returns to its normal shape which then makes it bounce. As for what happens rules-wise when the ball hits the ground, not a lot. The ball is on the ground for a fair portion of the game, which can lead to heavy contact when players vie for control of the ball.

Can players pick up balls lying on their court as quickly as possible after each point in tennis?

No, it's not allowed, once the ball drops to the ground its over. unless the ball does a first bounce or second bounce.

What happens if 2 players have a ball in their hand in basketball?

the refferee calls a jump ball

What happens if 2 players catch the ball at the same time in Basketball?

a jump ball is called

What happens if a ball hits the players hand on a swing?

then the ball it the players hand on the swing silly and why would you want to know about that just go and do it and see what happens hoped that helped you alot.

What happens when the ball hits the helmet on the ground in cricket?


What are the 4 laws of rugby?

There are 12 laws . The first 4 are; The Ground The Ball Number of Players - Team Players clothing

What happens to the match ball if two players get a hat trick in the same game?

the two players will have to sort it out themselves.

What happens to the speed of a ball as it travels toward the ground?

The ball speeds up as it travels to the ground as gravity pulls it down to make it go fast.

What happens as a ball hits the ground?

It either rolls, bounces, or just sits there.

How fast does a male tennis players ball hit the ground?

It depends on the player but normally it would be about 88.6mph.

What happens when a punter kicks the ball into one of his own players helmet?

The guy gets a headache!

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