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It is put out and the torch is reused each and every Olympic game. I think it's quite fascinating, actually.

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Q: What happens to the Olympic torch at the end of the Games?
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What always happens to make the end of the Olympic games?

The torch is put out.

How long will the Olympic torch be lit?

Until the Olympic Games end.

When is the Olympic torch going to be lighted and extinguished?

The olympic torch is extinguished at the end of the olympics?

What will happen at the end of the ceremony of the Olympic games?

the torch will be put off

Where does the Olympic games torch stay when the Olympics are not on?

The flame is put out at the end of the games and a new torch is designed for every game. Several torches are made and the flame is passed not the torch.

How does the Olympic flame start?

The Olympic torch bearers carry the torch across the world until the opening day of the games, then at the ceremonies they light it up on the cauldron where it burns and does not go out until end of games.

What alway happens to mark the end of the Olympic games?

Fireworks thank you

Where did the Olympic torch start for the 2008 Olympics?

The olympic flame torch started in the spring of 1967 where Luke Ferguson lit a stick on fire and brang it to the olympic games so they thought "why not make it a tradition?" Jessica then decided to root the twig... the end

When is the Olympic torch coming to the Falkirk wheel?

They time the running of the torch from Greece to the Olympic venues so that the torch is carried into the main stadium at the end of the opening ceremonies and the big flame in the stadium is lit by the torch.

How do the Olympics ceremonies begin and end?

They begin with a torch relay to light the Olympic cauldron, and they end by putting out the fire in the Olympic cauldron.

Where did the olympic torch start for 2012?

19 May from Land's End to Plymouth

Where will the 2012 olympic torch end up?

Its final destination is the Olympic park in London - arriving on July 27th.

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