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The officials call a violation, and possession is handed over to the opposing team.

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Q: What happens to basketball players if they kick the ball?
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Can any player playing basketball kick the ball?

You cant kick the ball when u play basketball

Can a offense player kick the basketball?

no they will call a kick ball violation

What do midfield players do in soccer?

kick the ball around

What happens when you kick the ball with your feet?


What is it called in basketball when a player intentionally makes contact with the ball using their foot?

Kick ball

What happens when the ball gets kicked out of play in basketball?

That is called a kick ball. For example, if Team Blue had the ball and they passed it but Team Red kicked it out of play, then Team Blue would pass the ball to his/her teammate from out of bounds.

What do the soccer players use to kick the ball?

They use soccer cleats.

In football is it legal to kick the ball out of a players hand?

Yes, that is a fumble.

How do professional soccer players kick the ball so fast?


When is a goal kick taken in soccer?

A goal kick is taken when the offense (players with the ball) kicks it past the line the goal is on. Therefore making it the defenders ball. A goal kick.

What happens when a defender kicks the soccer ball out?

Depending on the area they kick the ball out the following can happen: - If they kick the ball out behind their own goal line, the opposition will be awarded a corner. -If they kick the ball out on the sides of the field (the longer sides of the field), a throw in will be awarded to the opposition side. -If they kick the ball over the line of the oppositions goal line then a goal kick will be awarded to the opposition side. Note that these rules will be applied to any of the 22 players on the field.

What happens when a player touches the soccer ball with their hands when he was supposed to kick a penalty?

Disqualification happens when a player touches the soccer ball with their hands when he was supposed to kick a penalty

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