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Q: What happens to a runners muscles when they run?
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Why are road runners fast?

They Are Fast Because They Run A Lot And Their Leg Muscles Get Stronger.

What is a place where runners run that rhymes with back?

Runners run on a track.

What happens to the muscles in a runner's body when they run?

They contract and release to move your body

What do runners do?

They run.

What kind of muscles do distance runners have?


What do track runners do?

They run.

What muscles is most used by a human?

For many people it's the talking muscles. For runners it's the leg muscles. For barmaids it's the biceps/triceps.

How common is vomiting after running?

The majority of runners in a race will not vomit after they run. However, if you eat/drink dairy products or foods that upset your stomach before a race and/or run very, very hard, there is a chance that it will happen to you. I think it happens to all runners at least a few times in their running careers.

What happens when muscles are exercised without sufficient oxygen?

well if muscles run out of oxygen you might slow down and not breath proppely and you might also die.

Why do long distance runners need large carbohydrate stores in their livers and muscles?

why do long distance runners need large carbohydrate stores

When lactate builds in a runners muscles it causes a burning sensation. what causes this to occur?

The muscles do not have enough oxygen for aerobic respiration.

In relation to Physiology Why will the younger runners be able to run faster than the older runners?