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It's taken to the Mint, and melted down to make a coin for the following week's game.


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Q: What happens to NFL toss coin after game?
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What percent of NFL teams win the game after winning the coin toss?


Is there a coin toss in every nfl game?

Yes. It is how they decide who goes first. The away team calls it.

What was the result of the coin toss for the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl?

The coin toss was won by Team Sanders. They deferred.

Who will toss the coin at Super Bowl?

Usually an NFL Hall-of-famer that year.

Has the coin toss rules been changed?

no they are still the same in the nfl why would you think it has changed :)

Who was the first US President to be involved in an NFL regular season pregame coin toss?

George W. Bush

Has an NFL game ever ended on a coin flip?


What happens to the Super Bowl coin that is flipped?

it will be kept by the NFL for a souvenir.

Why do some NFL players wear captain badges?

this represents that they are captains of their respective groups ie. offense, defense, and special teams. these players are also the people that go out to the center of the field at the beginning of the game for the coin toss

What is the name of the NFL referee who flubbed the coin toss during the Pittsburgh Steelers game on Thanksgiving Day 1998?

Eight year veteran Phil Luckett. Click on the 'Heads or Tails?' link below to read about that incident.

What percentage of teams that score first win in the NFL championship games?

Coin Toss Bias in the NFLThe NFL uses a sudden death format for overtime games, with the first team to score winning the game. Winning the coin toss gives a team the choice between kicking or receiving the ball and overwhelmingly the team decides to receive the ball in overtime, giving them the first chance to score and end the game. Stats on Overtime Coin Tosses (1974-2003)The NFL has had 325 overtime games since the rule was adopted in 1974. The results:Both teams have had possession 235 times (72.3%).The team that has won the toss has won 169 times (52.0%).The team that has lost the toss has won 141 times (43.4%).223 games were decided by a field goal (68.6%).86 games were decided by a TD (26.5%).One game was decided by a safety (0.3%).There have been 15 ties (4.6%).Source: NFL*It seems fair but these numbers are somewhat misleading because in 1994 a rule changed moved the kickoff back 5 yards to the 30 yard line (those numbers were based on data from 1973-2003). Since then, it's been about 60%. Prior to the rule change, the coin toss had no predictive value for deciding who would eventually win the game. Since 1994, the coin flip winner has a clear advantage.

What coin value is tossed for an NFL game?

A specially minted coin (a medal actually, because it does not have a denomination) is flipped for NFL games. The coin is then sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.