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If you caught a Baseball bat, I imagine it'd be just like catching a baseball, you'd get to keep it as a souvenir.

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The batter gets to take his base because the catcher has caused interference.

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Q: What happens if you swing a baseball bat and accidentally hit the catcher?
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What is the call if the batter hits the catchers glove on a backswing?

no call. it is only catcher's interference if the catcher's equipment gets in the way of a swing.

Ways a batter can get on base?

get walked, get hit, hit the ball, catcher drop third stirke, catcher interferes with swing, and fieldrs choice

If bat hits glove during swing is it interference?

If the bat strikes the catcher's mitt, the rule is catcher's interference. The batter gains first.

What is the only rule in major league baseball where the manager has a choice?

Catcher's interference. If the batter's swing hits the catcher's mitt and then continues through and hits the ball into play. It's the manager's option to take the result of the play or accept the interference by awarding the batter 1st base.

Is it catcher interference if the batter fouls the ball and then hits the catchers glove on the follow through of the swing?

Yes, interference will be called if the umpire judges the catcher hindered the batter. If the ball is hit and the batter runner successfully reaches first and runners forced to advance or were stealing a base advanced the interference is ignored. If the batter runner is thrown out the manager has the option to accept the outcome of the play or accept the interference call placing the batter runner on first. If other runners are on base the manager's choice will affect them too. Accepting an interference call would require non-forced runners to return to their base. Consider a runner on third with no or one out when interference occurs. The batter runner is thrown out while the runner on third scores. Accepting the interference would require the runner scoring from third to return to third.

Can Golf swing affect a batting swing?

Golf Ruins Batting Swing?YES, the worst thing for a baseball swing is Golf and the worst thing for a golf swing is baseball. Ask any good golfer if they play softball or baseball during the season or vice versa. Your body is in different positions in each game, its best not to mix the two. No. They are basically the same swing but the ball is just at a different level. The eyes should be focused on the ball. Each swing helps each other out by relating back certain points to focus on.Yes. It does. If you play baseball, do NOT golf under any circumstances, unless you want your baseball swing ruined completely.Absolutely not! I am a good baseball player/fair golfer and I would agree with the statement that each only helps the other. Of course there are differences, but a good athlete adjusts. Besides, think about all the pro baseball players that golf throughout the off season...Sorry, the correct answer is "Yes". The physcial swing from the wrist to hands is basically the same. The arms, hips and legs are very different. Only at impact is it the same, getting there is entirely different. Hockey players are much better golfer than baseball. MUCH BETTER.NO! A golf swing can help many things about a baseball swing. transferring weight, proper use of core muscles, balance. My seven yr. old was having trouble hitting, his weight transfer was minimal if at all. One trip to the driving range and he's back to solid line drives up the middle and right field (he's a lefty). Kids especially have no trouble differing the two, its the adult who thinks of a hundred things during both swings that have trouble.

What will happen if you stop your baseball swing in the middle?

If you stop your baseball swing in the middle and the ball is not in the strike zone, an umpire will look at your wrists. If your wrists are "broken" it is a strike. That means the position of your wrists determine if you took a swing or not. If they are still in the same position as they normally are before you take a swing, you did not swing. If your wrists are in the position they would be in after you took a swing, you took a swing.

What happens to acceleration of pendulum at its lowest point of its swing?

The acceleration of a pendulum is zero at the lowest point of its swing.

Which sports would you use a donut for?

Baseball caution:dont swing fully it messes up your swing