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A red card immediately removes you from the game, and, in most cases, suspends from the next few games. Also, your team has to play down a player for the remainder of that game, and if you return to the field your team forfits

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A straight Red Card (or double Yellow Cards) results in a one-match suspension, per FIFA policy. In other words, the player who receives the Red Card must miss the next international match in which their team plays. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee can also retroactively administer punishments beyond the typical suspension if they deem it necessary.

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If you are a football player and you are playing football and you get a red card then you get sent off the pitch and you can't come back on and you miss the next game.

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Q: What happens if you get a red card at the world cup?
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What happens to a player who gets a red card in the last FIFA World Cup qualifier?

they get kicked out of the game

Did Lionel messi get a red card during 2010 world cup?

No Lionel Messi was not shown the red card, in the world cup.

First red card in a world cup final?

The first world cup layer to get a red card in the final match, is the Argentinan Monzon in 1990, Dozzoti also got a red card

Who is the player to get a red card in the 1930 world cup?

Red cards were not introduced until the 1970 World cup.

What year and Who was the first player in a world cup to receive a red card?

Carlos Caszely of Chile was the first player to be sent off with a red card in a World Cup match. He was sent off in 1974 fifa world cup.

Are players with red cards able to continue in the world cup?

no! if you get a red card you are out of the game.

Why is there a red and yellow card in the world cup?

yellow card is a caution or warning, red card a foul and penalty is ejection from the game. two yellows = a red.

If you get a red card in the world cup is it carried into the next match?


First red card in world cup?

It is Nickolas Loreido of Uruguay.

Who is the plaer who get a red card in the world cup final?

Zinedine Zidane

What are the disadvantages of the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

getting a red card . ASIN

Who saw the first red card in world cup football 2010?