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If a Basketball game is tied at the end of 4 quarters then there is usually an overtime period, generally 5 minutes. However, the length of overtime periods can vary depending on the level of competition.

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Q: What happens if the scores are tied in the fourth quarter in basketball?
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Are Extra periods are an extension of the fourth quarter in basketball?

If there was a draw for example in an NBA game the referee would have 'Extra Periods' to decide he final scores (each EXTRA PERIOD 5 minutes each)

What were the quarter scores of superbowl2012?

In the first quarter the giants were in the lead (9-0) In the second quarter the patriots were leading (10-9) In the third quarter the score was (15-17) In the fourth quarter the final score was 21-17 giants :)

What happens after a team scores in Basketball?

they team that scored gets a goal (3, 2 or one point)

What is a scorer in basketball?

Someone that scores

What is the average points per quarter that a NBA team scores?

24 is the average points per quarter that an MBA team scores.

How does a team score in basketball?

a team scores by the basketball going threw the basketball hoop

What is the meaning of basketball board?

The Basketball board records the scores of the game.

When a team scores a touchdown with no time left in the fourth quarter but is called for a penalty what happens?

Per NFL rules, a quarter cannot end on an accepted penalty. The defense would accept the penalty, the TD would be wiped out, and there would be one more play, an untimed play, that would be the last play of the game.

What basketball team scores the most points?


Where do you find high school basketball scores?

Where is a good place to view current basketball scores?

Good places to view the current basketball scores are the Sports Network (ESPN), NBC or CBS Sports, by watching a basketball game on television where they will show the up to date scores of other teams that are playing.

Are college basketball scores in quarters or halves?

College Basketball games are played in two halves.

How to get basketball assist?

You get an assist by passing the ball, and the person scores

What is a pass by one player to another that scores in basketball?


When is a player legal on the basketball court?

When he checks in with the scores table.

What does TR stand for in basketball box scores?

Total Rebounds

Will the basketball game end if a team scores a hundred points?


Where can one find live basketball scores?

Live basketball scores can be found in the sports sections of most large news websites. Common places to find these scores are Yahoo, ESPN, NBA, and other affiliated websites. Live scores are also shown on television channels.

What were the Super Bowl XLIII scores by quarters?

Super Bowl XLIII Scores by Quarter: Quarter 1 Steelers: 3 Cardinals: 0 Quarter 2 Steelers: 17 Cardinals: 7 Quarter 3 Steelers: 20 Cardinals: 7 Quarter 4 (Final Score) Steelers: 27 Cardinals: 23

Can a nba game end with a tie if so how?

No, at least not with the modern rules. Until a team scores more then the other team by either the fourth quarter or at the end of an overtime period, the game will keep going.

What does PCT stand for in the standings part of NBA basketball scores?


What percent of basketball games are won by the team that scores first?


What does st mean in basketball box scores?

st stands for steal

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