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If the shot is thrown before the clock ends, the point is scored. If the shot is thrown after the clock stops, it is not counted.

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Q: What happens if the ball is in flight and the whistle goes for the end of the game in basketball and then it goes in?
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What Instrument like a whistle do they use to start a game of basketball?

The reff throws the ball into the middle of two players

Which basketball term is defined as after an official whistle after any score and after it has gone out of bounds?

Dead Ball

What happens at the start of play in basketball?

a jump ball

What happens when the defender gets the ball in basketball?

It is now their possession.

What happens if referee blows whistle before ball enters net?

Play is stopped and a goal is not awarded. The restart will depend on the reason the referee blew the whistle.

Is held ball in basketball a violation?

No. You just can't move your feet. Because if you do then they will blow the whistle. But, you can only move one foot.

Do you need to dribble the basketball before you take a shot?

No, there is no rule that says you must dribble the basketball before you can shoot it. But you may not take any steps with out dribbling the ball, if you do "travel" with the ball without dribbling the referee will whistle a penalty.

When can a player touch the ball in a jump ball in basketball right after the ref tosses it on the way up or do they have to wait until the ball hits it peak?

you have to wait till its peak if you dont they ref will blow his whistle and it will be the other teams ball

Why is there a ball inside a whistle?

The reason for a ball inside a whistle is that it produces a 'warbling' sound that makes the whistle's sound more attention getting

Why does a whistle whistle?

There is a little ball that when you blow, it rattles around.

How high will ball bounce?

Depends on the kind of ball- and whether you mean the size of the ball, or how high it can go in flight. A basketball is large than a golf ball.

What happens if you don't get the ball off before the shot clock in basketball?

It's a turnover and the other team gets the ball