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You Would probably re-play the point and fix the score.

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Q: What happens if a tennis ball hits the score card and goes in during a point?
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How does a team score points during volleyball game?

each serve has one point as in table tennis........

Can you score a point in table tennis if it is not your serve?

Table tennis features a continuous scoring system. This means that you can score points when it is your opponents serve.

Who calls the score in club tennis?

In a tennis match without a chairperson, the server always calls the score before every point in order to avoid any disputes in the score.

If you score a point in tennis do you get to serve?

no, players take turn serving

In tennis zero score is?

it means you don't have a point. Another way to say zero in tennis is love.

What does the score love mean in tennis?

A zero score in tennis.

What happens when lose track of score in tennis?

i think you should smartin up and by a scoreboard

What is the first point in a tennis score?

The score is announced as five (5), or fifteen (15). Both of these mean that one point has been won. The score would be announced as five (5) to love (0), or fifteen (15) to love (0) when the server wins the first point of a tennis game. The score would be announced as love (0) to five (5), or love (0) to fifteen (15) when the receiver wins the first point of a tennis game.

What does Fitfteen mean in tennis?

It's how the score is said. 1 point is said is 15

What is the score when the opponent is ahead by one point after three points in tennis?


What do table tennis players say when they win a point?

"yes!" then say the score and move on.

What is the score in tennis after deuce?

After a deuce score, the next score will be advantage-[player's name who won the point]. This is sometimes abbreviated to ad-[player's name].

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